May 6, 2017
By Anonymous

Was there ever one thing that you wanted as a kid or even right now, that you didn’t get, whether it would be for a birthday, a holiday, or just a gift in general? Everyone, at some point in their life, has wanted something that they didn’t get. You may have been asking for this thing for years, still never receiving it. Whoever you would ask, whether it was your mom, dad, sibling, or grandparent, never said no. They just said that they would think about it. Whenever they would say that, you always thought, “Maybe there will actually get it for me this time!” Then when your birthday or the holidays come around, you’re so excited to see if you got what you wanted, only to realize that you did not, once again, receive this thing.

For example, say for the past 3 years, you wanted a Michael Kors purse. You knew that you were getting older and you wanted something that you could use for a long time, so you look at getting a nice purse. You realize that nice purses cost a lot of money, so you thought maybe I’ll ask for it for the holidays. Your mom says, “Maybe honey, we will have to see.” She sounded like she would actually take time to truly think about it, so you thought your chances of getting it would be higher. You wait the long wait, that feels like forever, for the holidays to come around. You can’t wait to see what you got from your parents. You open everything and of course, no purse. You say to yourself, “It’s fine. I will wait until my 18th birthday!”
It’s the end of February, a little over a month until your 18th birthday! You ask your parents if they had something in mind to get you.
They say, “No, we don’t know what to get you.” You say, “I have the greatest idea! What about that Michael Kors purse I have been wanting?” Once again, they say, “We will have to think about it.”
You remember the last time they said that and you didn’t get it. You think to yourself, “I know I won’t get it. It’s not the end of the world. Not everyone can have what they want.” You still have hope and the wait until your birthday couldn’t be longer. Finally it’s your birthday! All you see on the counter is a card with your name on it. You open it and it’s money, but not enough to get the purse that you want. You still want a new purse, so you look at Coach. You find one there that you like and it’s a lot cheaper. You realize that over summer you will be getting a job and making money. You think to yourself, “I will just save up over summer! Hopefully they will still be selling the purse.” Even though you didn’t get the purse you wanted as a gift, you still got a different new purse and you have a plan as to how you will be able to get the purse you want.

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