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May 1, 2017
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 If i was someone else would i have the same problems? If someone else has my problems would it be weird to met them? Or would it be cool?
Very slowly I start to try to put on my headphones. I didn't want to move to fast because I might end up leaving my think tank, that place in my mind that I go to keeps my thoughts in order.

As I place the headphones in my ears I figure I might look a little odd just staring out in front of me, was I even blinking?
Sadly this is what brought me back to seeing what was in front of me.
“Dammit.” I whisper under my breath realizing that I couldn't even hear anybody near me.

Still slightly disappointed I start to listen to my music, like truly listen. It was a mix-tape. A really crappy one but it was good enough for me. After the first song i started to sing to along, it wasn't like anybody could here me.
  “Life and death and love and birth
          And peace and war on the planet earth
                  Is there anything worth more than peace and love on the planet earth…’’
Then just as the song ends I hear a ‘wow’. Quickly I turn to find a young boy recording on his phone. I just kind of stair at him in surprise. Really, what else was I supposed to do? Then the boy taps his phone and shows me the screen. Its YouTube .
  "You're about to be really famous.’’ he says as he turns and walks away.


It's not until a couple hours later did I really take the boy's words seriously.


I was in my think tank when my phone began to ring. Annoyed I picked it up and answer finding my boyfriends on the other end.
"BABE!!!” he half yelled through the phone.
“Holy crow man-” I say rubbing my right ear and switching the phone to the left.
“Sorry babe, but did you get any of my messages?”
"No, I was thinking. Why? What is it?” suddenly I sit up straighter expecting the worst. But to my surprise he starts to laugh.
" babe chill. I wanted to tell you something.’’ he paused.
"Your famous love- and I know you're not going to believe me so imma hang up. Look at my texts and go to ALL the links. Love you! Talk to you later.” and with that the line goes dead.
   For a few seconds I just stand there and then, slowly I move my phone so it's in front of my face and find twenty missed texts, about twelve are from my boyfriend but the rest are either from family or friends.
Quickly I enter my password and look at the links my boyfriend sent. Only one catches my eye.
“Ellen DeGeneres finds new god on earth’’. quickly I push the link and as the page loads I find that i'm looking at Ellen Degeneres pointing to a screen with a picture of me looking rather surprised on it. Only aftar a few more seconds do I realize that the picture is actually a video, hurriedly I push play.

   As I watch I realiz that I had in fact become famous.
"This boy poses some talent," Ellen says, "just listen to those pipes. Damn. wonder if he has a girlfriend”
Boyfriend I corrected in my head. Then I realized I should call Zeus again, he needed to hear me freak out.
I push back and then call wondering what this meant for us. Maybe we would actually meet Ellen.
"hello?" he answered expectantly. And with that proceeded to scream.

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