The last kid on the block

May 1, 2017
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The day is now; at least that’s what my mother always said. My name is Ralph Jr. and my mom always called me special. I was named after my dad, although I never really hung out with him much.  My dad was never home when I was growing up because he was always either fighting a fire or at the bar. My mom was always helping me out as a kid. She was the only friend I ever had or needed.  When my dad would get home absolutely inebriated my mom would always protect me from him. After finishing up fifth grade I didn’t go to school much. Ever since I can remember I didn’t enjoy going outside and I haven’t been much of a socializer so I stayed home with Mom. We were a team.

If you’re reading this than you already know that a series of meteors wiped out most of the earth about 35 days ago. This is what I’m assuming, I haven’t been outside since I was twelve. The TV had multiple Public Service Announcements announcing that citizens should stay inside their houses until further notice. Of course I had no problem staying inside my home but there hasn’t been a single update. There is no service or wifi on my TV, cell phone, or on my computer. My mom left to get food first thing after hearing the news and hasn’t been back since. This is the first time I haven’t been able to contact my mom. There has been the loudest noises coming from town and all over. I keep waking up to crashing and explosions. Yesterday, I heard a gunshot come from my neighbors house. I can’t even imagine leaving this house. I’m going to wait until my mom returns and everything will be okay.

Sorry I haven’t written lately. Last night I woke up to an unfamiliar noise. It was so loud I thought it was in my house. The noise went throughout my body with each pop resonating within my chest like a lightning bolt striking a tree. Within seconds the noises were over and car lights smoothly left my cul de sac. I woke up to discovering that my food is running low and I only have four clean pairs of sweatpants. This is all so new for me, I hate it. My mom might be gone, I only have four clean pairs of sweats and the only food I’ve eaten made me feel horrible. I don’t know if I’ve eaten more food or if I’ve eaten more laxatives. Every noise I hear is terrifying.

Today I left the house. I only had three cans of creamed corn left. I couldn’t stand to swallow another bite of the disgusting mush that they call a food. The door crept open allowing the unfamiliar world to seep into my bones. The dust wafting through the trees and shrubbery. The earth looked like a battlefield after world war 3. There were three cars in my cul de sac except one car was unfamiliar. I had watched through my window every day as the other parents in the cul de sac left for work and I knew what cars belonged. The third car was in my neighbors driveway. I slowly approached it with unquestionable enthusiasm. This was an interest that came into my mind like I had never previously experienced. I had to pursue the overwhelming urge to examine the foreign vehicle. The driver's door was wide open and had a red liquid dripping slowly into a pool in the driveway. I instantly turned around and returned to my house. I locked and barricaded the door protecting me from any intruders.

The door slammed over and over but did not budge because of the various things stacked against it. I heard something calling but couldn’t recognize what it was. It had a sinister vibration bleeding into my eardrums. It felt like the devil was calling me to the door, so I followed. I was forced to welcome the evil noise screeching and scratching its way into my soul. Throwing every piece of furniture out of the way from the door frantically and rapidly. I couldn’t get anything out of the way faster. Every moment the noise fell deeper into my body. The quicker I was pulling things away the quicker the noise would settle. Finally I reached the door handle and I twisted it to an astonishing sight. The devil was a old lady looking for someone to accompany her to the depths of reality.

The rays of sun beaming through an unfamiliar window awoken me. I quickly realized the sterile and tidy place that I was in was a hospital room. I looked down at my wrists and found restraints. That's when it hit me.

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