When he died

April 27, 2017
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When Mr.Wilson died the world fell silent. Mr.Wilson was the kind of old man that let his flowers and grass die when his wife did. He was the same old guy that told me not to walk down the sidewalk backward. I was only ten then so I thought he was bonkers and that he got it from old age. When Mr.Wilson died, because I was only ten then I thought he was murdered because to me old age wasn't a thing to die from. I knew Mr.Wilson’s grandson, Jeremy, Jeremy Wilson.
He was the same kid who pushed me too hard on the swings and made me fly off and chip my two front teeth on the cement when I flew off. I never liked Jeremy he was the kind of kid that was mean enough to make you never want to come to school ever again. Little did I know that one day he would slip a ring on my finger and I would do the same for him and mean would no longer be in his dictionary.
Jeremy’s mom Andrea Wilson ( maiden name fisher) was friends with my mom. I and Jeremy used to take baths together before he realized I wasn't a boy and I realized he wasn't a girl. I Remember when Mr.Wilson died and Jeremy’s face was flushed red and his eyes were watering. I didn't know I would sit down on the porch and comfort him and wipe his tears with my hello kitty handkerchief I got to Christmas's ago. Two days after his death I watered his plant while people moved his stuff out of his house because to me it was still his house. When Mr.Wilson died that was the first time I walked backward down the sidewalk.

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