What I Learned in the Hood

May 1, 2017
By Anonymous

I learned from the hood not to be a snitch. Seeing 4 ford explorers pulled up on the curb a man in handcuffs with tears coming down his eyes screaming he didn't do it as he was put in the back of the SUV.

I learned that if I saw something, that I didn't see anything. Two other men were taken in custody. The snitch fearing for his life, fearing the cold lonesome cell, fearing rotting in a box. He quickly learned that he wasn’t about the lifestyle he claimed he was living. When he was in interrogation he sang like a bird to save himself.
I learned that if I heard something, I didn't hear anything. The snitch had gotten out thinking everything would be fine with the other two gang members in the pen.

I learned that if I want to say something not to say anything. The snitch wasn't as safe as he thought he was. He forgot that for every gang member that is taken down 3 more replace him. Any 16 year old from the hood would jump at the opportunity to kill a snitch that put one of their own in the pen. They wouldn’t stop until he saw his cold lifeless body on the floor full of lead.

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