April 30, 2017

Sky Murphy desperate for her dog's presence is willing to do anything to get money to clone her dog as soon as possible. She already has 14 funds on her back with the help of her family but she still needs more money to get her dog cloned. She looses her mind and comes up with a crazy idea of making a funding website to make more money. This does not turn out pretty.

Chapter 1: Desperation

Skyler Murphy a fifteen-year-old from Upland, CA, lives with her family of two older brothers and her parents. She recently lost her companion Jae, a black lab at age 15. Since birth, Sky and Jae were always together.  They made unforgettable memories from breaking limbs while bathing and all the countless camping trips they went on together. The absence of Jae forced Sky to be depressed and was pessimistic about everything which made everything so much more challenging than it already was. Sky begun to lose her appetite and grades dropped like cats and dogs. Her family and friends were sincerely concerned for her and her health. Seeing Sky breaking down was heartbreaking for the people around her, especially her brother Sean.
Sean thought of an idea since the day Jae passed away and it was to clone the dog. Sean told Sky this shocking yet brilliant idea and Sky absolutely loved it. The siblings stayed up till midnight studying the process of cloning and what it takes to clone a dog. They were informed that they need to get Jae wrapped in a wet towel and place her in the fridge. Jae had been dead for four days so they immediately dug Jae out of the ground and wrapped her in a wet towel and placed her in the fridge. Then as the instructions said online, they called the dog cloning service and a biopsy kit was shipped to Sky’s nearest vet. They got Jae to the vet and got samples of her cells using the kit and shipped it off to the dog cloning service. Sky had countless thoughts running through her head and was full of anxiety. She was worried the biopsy kit would not be shipped to the right place on time. A week later, Sky got a notice from the cloning company that Jae’s cells were alive and healthy for cloning.
With their parent's permission, they immediately started to raise funds by having bake sales at school and with the support from the people around her she was able to raise $2,400 in one month! Sky’s mother an artist, sold her paintings, her father a baker, helped her with a bake sale at school, and her brothers who are professional artists held concerts. All the money earned went to Jae and they were progressing a lot. Although they still needed $47,600 more.
Sky was only focused on Jae and was failing most of her classes in school. She did not have time to do her homework and study because of all the funds she was running. Sky started to stress out and she had to think of an idea that would raise an abundance of money at once. Sky generated a fundraising website and made up a tragic story so people online would donate money to her. Her tech ed class finally came in handy. She thought this class was no use in her life but it gave her the knowledge to make a website. The oblivious people who were scammed by Sky donated a total of $29,890! Sky was still not satisfied and was desperate for money at this point.
Displeased with the amount of money she stole, Sky constructed another website and scammed another 159 people and received a total of $1,456. Sky’s family who was clueless of this scamming situation thought Sky raised all the money from all her 14 funds she was running. They immediately dispatched the money to the cloning service and the cloning process was started. Six months passed and Jae was successfully cloned. Sky the most fortunate dog owner finally had Jae in her arms. Little did she know that dogs are not allowed in juvenile.

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