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Vantage Point

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Situation: A rabbit eating her food.
POV #1 (me): I see a small white rabbit chewing on food. The rabbit’s chubby cheeks are move while her whiskers are moving simultaneously with her small, minuscule mouth. The rabbit eats a few more bites and moves her plump body across her cage to the left, top corner of the cage.
POV #2 (rabbit): I am getting mouthfuls of foods are it is so delicious! I eat the food for about five minutes and move to my “pee corner” of my cage.
POV #3 (my mother): I look down from the TV and see the rabbit eating. Her mouth moves with her cheeks, her whiskers poking out of her full cheeks. I watch TV for a few minutes; when I look down, the rabbit is in the top left corner of the cage.
POV #4 (food bowl): I see a small head poking into my opening. I see a rabbit eating the food that I have inside me. I see her head go back out of me and I see poke her head in me again. After that, she finishes chewing her food and she walks away from me.
POV #5 (water bottle in the rabbit’s cage): I see the rabbit poke her in a bowl, her head pops back out and she is chewing on some unnamed item. She chews for a few more minutes and she pokes her head back in the bowl again. She pops her head back out and she is chewing another item. She chews for few more minutes and she goes to the side opposite of me of the cage.
POV #6 (Christmas tree): I see a small, furry animal putting her head in a bowl and her head goes back out, eating a suspicious item. The rabbit puts her head in a bowl and she eats another unidentified item. She chews for a few more minutes and hops in her cage.

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