The Red Steaks

May 1, 2017
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Otis was driving frantically to the hospital to see his friend Greg and his family who had recently got sick. Greg and his family had recently contracted a strange sickness that spread through their family in a matter of 2 days. It started with a cough and quickly progressed into a deadly fever.  They had to call an ambulance because their legs had been paralyzed! He was surprised to see that there was no one else on the highway he was driving on.

He parked in the hospital parking lot and rushed to the Emergency Room. When he entered, it seemed that the place had been vacated. Nobody came to greet him, so he decided to barge in through the doors. What he saw completely shocked him. He saw dead people everywhere, mucus on the floor. He paced around the room to see if anyone was still alive. There must have been at least a hundred people, all dead. He wondered what had happened, then he saw the red streaks along Greg, and his family’s faces. He recognized these marks, and knew it was the Plague.

He knew he had to leave or he might contract it too. He rushed out of the hospital and ran to his car, and thought about what to do next. He called the police there was no answer. He called again… no answer. He freaked out. He decided it would be best to go to the supply store. He wanted to see if there was anything or anyone left at the supermarket.

When he reached the supermarket he got out of his car, and opened the door of the supermarket. He saw exactly what he had expected, dead people, upwards of 50, but he did see some movement at the back of the store, tentatively he went to go see.

He saw a woman and man most likely husband and wife. He saw one carrying a small pocket knife. They were gathering supplies for their home they both did not seem sick. Otis approached.

He said. “Please do hurt me. I just want to know what is going on?”

The man said. “We will not hurt you. We are just here to get supplies. There was a plague that has quickly spread around. My wife and I are survivors. All these people dropped dead in a matter of hours. It was unbelieveable. Who are you?”

“I am Otis. Who are you?” Otis exclaimed.

“I am John and my wife is Nancy. We are on our way to our farm. We have a nice place for lots of people to stay. Would you like to join us?” John said desperately trying to save anyone possible.

Otis thought for a minute or two.

“Yes” Otis squeaked. 

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