Life is Rough

April 18, 2017
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 Isabella was a girl who had big dreams, but things never seemed to go her way. Just recently there was a tragic Mudslide that had caused a lot of damage to her home so she had to get a job to pay to fix the problems. Isabella tried and tried to get the jobs she wanted but she was 36 and the only job available was a cleanup assistant. After paying off all the expenses she was saving up for her dream car which was a 1967 Chevy Impala.
                Isabella had been going through tough times when her Aunt Jane passed away from heart surgery. Aunt Jane was super smart, she lived in the Denver area and always had this bad skunk smell around her house. Isabella and her Aunt had always spent so much quality time together in and outside the house. During the summer they would hang around the creek beds, and they would go snow sledding in the winter.
                Luckily for Isabella, her Aunt had left her 1,000$ to help her with her finances and to get her a car. Isabella saves up for awhile and has finally paid off everything and now has the money to buy a car. On her way to get the car she sees a young boy as she approaches the boy she asks about him and what he is doing.
                He says “Well I am looking for my dog Buster, he has run away, we were on our way to earn some extra money so we can go on a long camping trip in the woods.”                     
               Isabella says “Well aren't you a little young to be going camping on your own,”  
               Isaac says “What do you mean I am in 10th grade.”
                As the hours go by Isabella goes to get her car but realizes her money is gone it must have fallen out or that kid Isaac took it to go on his camping trip. Isabella goes back to where she met the kid and spots him with the money in his hand, she loudly yells at him and he bolts down the street. Isabella quickly dials 911 and no longer with the kid in sight she loses all hope, but the cops are still looking. About 10 minutes into the search the cops come back with the boy and Isabella’s money. They had found Isaac hiding in a dumpster behind the place she works at.

             Isabella is finally safe and sound and is now going to buy her dream car. As she buys the car she notices a picture of her Aunt Jane in her purse, She goes to a picture shop to have them make it into a necklace. Isabella hangs the necklace around the rearview mirror so she will always remember her and all the fun times the had new and old.

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