Healing drink

April 23, 2017
I was jogging before work one morning in Madrid, Spain. I looked up. There was a big, bright, star up in the sky. Or at least I thought it was a star. After About 15 feet more of running, the bright ball, I had thought was a star, had started hurtling towards the playground about 60 feet away from me. I dove behind a bush and took cover. Before I knew it I heard a big

I peeked out from behind my hiding spot. There was a little canister sitting in the center of the play ground. I went and picked it up. I opened the lid,a little bit of fog started pouring out. There was nothing in the canister, but I decided to take it home. It would make a nice cup.

“Ah, home sweet home.” I said aloud to myself. I grabbed the canister from my satchel and set it on the counter. I went to the fridge and pulled out a bottle of wine.
Once I had opened the cabinet and realized there were no glasses I got a bit panicked. I spotted the canister sitting by the sink, where I had put it. I decided to use it as a cup. The wine slowly but gracefully poured into the “cup”. Soon I had been sitting at my kitchen table drinking it. I felt something odd in my mouth. When I had spit it out, I had saw it was a, piece of paper? It read

Alien jumping beans: to grow pour liquid on it
Warning: no water, juice, or milk

“What in the,” before I could finish my sentence the canister started shaking and fell on the ground. Not long after that three creatures sprouted up from the canister.
I took a closer look. They looked... Exactly like normal human beings. Except two things: they happened to have an extra eye on their forehead, and their hands and feet were a faded shiny purple.

“Help… w-we are… qu-quenched.” I quickly ran over and poured them some water, in a bowl, and gave it too one of them. It took a sip, but not long after that it started screeching. The water had burnt a hole through the alien's stomach. The alien started melting. I didn’t know what to do. They had started talking in a different language so I did not know what they were saying. There was now a light purple puddle of goo on my floor. One of the two aliens left handed me the paper from before.
“Alien jumping beans… no water, juice, or milk…” I had forgotten what it had said. “Well then what do I give you?” “Glorb zee bezz xitz!?!” “What?” The alien pointed towards the wine. “Oh,” I got another bowl and poured it out into it. The two aliens each slipped long green tongues into the bowl, and started slurping away. They then poured wine on the purple puddle. The puddle began forming back into the alien! “Woah! Wine has healing powers for you?” “Zeb glop bizt xert,” I still could not understand what they were saying. “Do you guys speak English?” “Yes, us beings can.” The aliens responded. “We need to get home as soon as possible. You see, out ruler is dying so we had to come her to get that special drink. Will you help us?”
“Of course. Let me run and go get some more from the store my name is josh by the way.” I told the aliens. “Thank you, Josh, we appreciate it.”

I had just gotten to the store. I ran too the wine section and piled bottles of wine into my cart. I hurried up to the line.
“Uh, a party?” The cashier said. “Sure, something like that,” I responded irritatedly
Finally I was out of the store with three bags of wine. I finally made it home. I walked in my house, but the aliens were nowhere to be seen. I set the bags down in order to search my house. At last I found them sitting in my bed playing with my cat, Fluffy. “Hey guys, I got the wine.” I said briefly. “We do not have classified genders. But thank you for our healing drink.”

We all went into the kitchen. The aliens pulled out, guns?
They had shrunk the wine down and put them in the canister. They then each put a hand in the canister. “Thank you human being, we gravely appreciate this.” “You're welcome. I hope your king is alright.”
“Farewell Earthing.” They shrunk themselves back to little beans with the ray coming from their blasters. I picked up the canister and screwed the lid back on.

I was back near the park. I stared at the canister one last time before setting it back where it had landed originally. Then I set it down and watched as it shot off into the sky. I sighed and looked down. I knew that was the last time I'd ever see them.

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