One strict mother

April 21, 2017
By Anonymous

Starting off with being a strict impatient mother who would never allow her child to go anywhere without her just her and her daughter Karen Salinas this story will be the ends to the true meaning of what a mother symbolizes as her daughter becomes of age.

….”why every time I ask to go do something you tell me no!?!” Said Karen

“Because if anything happens to you it will on me for letting you do it your only 15 Karen you may think you’re grown but you’re not”.

Karen stood in the door way with this evil look on her face with so much anger and hatred towards her mother slamming the door in her mother’s face being able to feel the vibration on the sound waves from wind of the door.

(Talking to herself) why this happens to me all my friends get to do what they want with their parents not caring what they do and they end up fine. I spend my long weekends in my house just watching the world continue without me hearing the birds chirping feeling the breeze of the spring air hit me in my face blowing my hair in every which direction.

“Karen come eat your favorite dish chicken and yellow rice I made it for you maybe we can watch a movie tonight after dinner?”

“Goshh do I have to eat I'm really not that hungry”

“No you’re eating you need to eat I don't want you getting to skinny and sick”
“Fine” (Karen yells while walking to the dining room table)

I can smell the chicken just fill the room up while serving my plate I burnt my hand from all the steam coming up from the opening of the lid I screamed at my mother telling her “why so u have to be so stupid omg you should have just served my plate I'm not even hungry no more “(walking back to the room with an expression of hate)

“Karen come back here now you are going to eat here with me at the table”

“Mom what's the point I can never do what I want to do I'm not a little kid any more seriously stop treating me like a kid”. Really wanting out of the house Karen gives her mother a lot of attitude not helping the problem you could sense the heat the anger in the room. Staring at those four walls

She wishes she could do. The next morning Karen woke up and walked to her mother’s room asking her if she could have a talk that’s civil no attitude just a calm mellow conversation. “mom can we talk, I really just want to say that I’m sorry for how I’ve been acting lately I just really never get to do nothing I’m about to be 16 mom come on like you never did stuff when you were 16”

“Karen it’s not that it’s just with the world the way it is you can never trust anybody I just think about all the things that can go wrong.” Karen’s mother sits on the bed with her eyes beginning to tear Karen gives her a Hugh. “now ya know that im responsible I can take care of myself ma .”
“well I know I guess I should start to let you go you’re going to be grown soon I need to start to prepare myself… just please be careful and alert at all times.”

“ omg ma really yayay!!!! Thank you so much” (giving her mom the tightest Hugh)
Karen runs to her room with so much excitement that she could barely express. Her mother just could hear karens phone going off as well as talking on the phone telling her friends she is finally able to go out.
“soo… ok ma I know that you just told me its ok to go out an Ik its alittle soon but can I go to the movies with my friends to night I promise ill text you an kepp u updated.”
“well….. i guess u can just plz be careful remember what I told you!!” “okii dokii momma”

Karen really was shocked that her mother finally let her go although she was a bit nerves her mouth started to water gulping down her saliva she grabs her clothing so she can change .as she’s getting ready she starts to think about all the things that are possible to happen to anyone and really second guesses her decision to go to the movies.
“Mom I don’t think I want to go out.”

“Why honey what’s wrong”
“ it’s just like u really can’t trust no one ma I’m safer at home with u.”
“ wow honey I’m shocked to hear you say that well that’s final let go pop some popcorn an watch some Netflix what chu think? “I think that’s perfect ma great idea!!!” They finally began to have quality time together ending the night with each other relaxing watching their favorite shows Karen’s mother really liked the fact that Karen didn’t want to go out. Showing her how responsible she really is they may argue like cat and dogs but at the end of the day they only had one another.

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