Moving day

April 18, 2017
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The clink of hangers and the slight screeching sound of metal raised the anticipation I’ve been holding in making it far worse. I watch as she picks a piece of clothing from the rack and holds it out, inspecting the selection she just made before making a frown and placing right back where she found it. I open my mouth ready to spit out the words I’ve been so desperately wanting to say only to snap it shut when she looks in my direction. Stephanie eyes me suspiciously, always seeming to know when something was wrong. 

“Spill it.” Her tone is confident, almost demanding but I would expect nothing less. She turns her body towards me entirely, placing a hand on her hip as she raises an eyebrow. I don’t answer her demand right away, all courage seemed to have drained my body leaving me with no confidence. I scowl myself realizing how foolish I was being, surely she would understand. I’m making a fuss over something minor, right?

Emotions stir within me as I prepare to deliver what I’ve held in for more than twelve hours.  When my parents sat me down last night, I thought the subject would be something small and silly, I wasn’t expecting the atomic bomb they loaded on me. Ok, fine. I may be exaggerating but I’ve spent two years of my life over here in River Meadows.

“I’m moving.”

Letting those two words free from the cage inside left me feeling instantly better. I sighed out loud in relief, feeling the weight of worlds lift from off my shoulders. I’ll be honest, moving isn’t the worst thing that could happen to my family right about now. Steph was my one and only friend and she would be the only person I’d miss. The only thing I’d miss. My family and I have moved a total of four times, so this wasn’t anything new. I just never grew so attached.

I watch Stephanie's emotions being unravel.

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