Did I Just say that Outloud

April 14, 2017
By , Grand Rapids, MI

Story 1

-Sometime In my childhood (Can't remember the dates)

It was a span of just over a week. I had to go to a wedding (like I said can't remember specifics) and I sat next to an older couple. When the bride was standing next to the groom, they said to me “That's going to be you someday!” I thought about it and I thought that was a nice thing to say. Fast forword to later in the week I had to go to a funeral service. I saw an older couple there and I approached them and pointed towards the casket and said “That's going to be you some day.” Awesome.

Story 2
-March 23, 2017, Biology Class - Mrs. Slattery

We were talking about photosynthesis and Mrs. Slattery asked a question about how the cell in the PLANT got rid of the excess water. Everybody was quiet and I said under my breathe,”By going to the bathroom.” Everyone laughed and I felt stupid. A pretty common feeling if you ask me. Great.

Story 3
-March 22, 2017, biology Class - Mrs. Slattery

We just moved seats. I was sitting with some people that I knew but never hung out with. I saw that all of my best friends, like sleepover with everyday of the week best friends, were all at the same table. Mrs. Slattery said that table is going to interesting. Then out of nowhere I said, “I wish I was that table.” Let's just say that it was awkward for about a week with my new group. Awesome.

Story 4
-My whole Life

Every question I ever asked in front of the whole class and got wrong! Spectacular.

Story 5
-probably sometime in the future

When I get rejected by a girl. Exceptional.

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