March 30, 2017
By LGBTQ BRONZE, Menlo Park, California
LGBTQ BRONZE, Menlo Park, California
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that one day would come out out of her mother's mouth was heartbreaking. Abigail never knew that day would come. All that would come to her head was who had told her. Who from her social media told her mother. That was how was her mother and siblings had found out. A post that Abigail had posted with her girlfriend. Her mother was the only one that had not accepted her though because the rest of her siblings did not even care or were willing to support her sister. The love and support that came out of her siblings was beautiful. It meant a lot to Abigail.

I was happy that at least Abigail’s siblings were there to support her sister. Mostly during those times that were so hard for Abigail because she had to choose between the person that made her happy or the women that gave birth to her. Abigail didn't not choose anyone. They both meant the world to her. Days of the loudest silence held at Abigael’s house. Days after days her mother didn't not speak to her nor did Abigael. Abigail was mad at her mother because she wanted her  to be someone she wasn't.

A couple weeks went by when Abigail had asked if she could go out her mother replied, “ We talked about this. If you are not into girls you can go out “ Abigail said, “ Okay,”then her mother said, “ Okay what?, you're not into girls no more?. “ Abigail said doubtfully, “ Yes, i'm not into girls. “ I guess her mother just wanted to hear that. She knew it wasn’t true buts she just wanted to believe that. It was Friday the day Abigail went out to the movies with her youngst brother. Abigail had gone to see her girlfriend. She had not given up on her. All those days that had gone by she had prayed for her girlfriend. The only person that had made her happy. That day at the movies was one of the best days of her life because she spend hours with the only person that was there for her, Flor.

This was during summer, summer days spent at Great America. Great America was the meet up place for my friend and her girlfriend. She loved seen her. She loved her. Until s*** happened. Flor was into someone else. Right after everything that Abigail had gone through just to be with Flor, Flor comes out with bullshit. Now from days of been happy, Abigail days became into days that she didn't want to exist no more. She didn't want to go out no more. Not even to school. She had given up on everything. Everyone noticed the change in my friend. She wasn’t the same.

Months of sadness went by… Abigail was sad still until the person that was always there for her, Martha. Martha, always tried to put a smile on her face said, “ I love you. I don't want to see you sad. You deserve to be happy. You deserve love, I’ll give you love. You deserve everything in this world. Maybe I can’t give you the world but I’ll promise to make you happy.” Abigail smiled. No one had ever said something as sweet as that. They started to spend hours on their phones texting from that to late night talks on the phone. It was long distance but the distance was nothing when the love was real. They were falling for each other. My friend was happy again. My friend, Abigail and Martha started talking as a thing but no one knew about them. They were happy.
At first when everything got difficult for my  friend I got sad because I wouldn't want to see any of my friends sad. Abigail had probably been going through so much she has so much in her head. Been happy is key. I’m glad Abigail did not give up on that.  At last Martha took good care of Abigail should her love and stuck around for a while. Not a single moment was Abigail sad. Maybe the relationship was low key to Abigail’s family but high key to the world. Let me be honest my friends love story is my favorite too!                     P.S Abigail ended up living her life. Nothing was ever official with Martha. Martha found a new love was happy. At least that's what Abigail believed. Flor never spoke to Abigail. Thought Abigail knew she was heading through the wrong path sadly. Abigail loved and cared for her new love. Love isn’t a forever thing… love what you have before it’s gone. Live the life you want to live not what they expect you to live. Be your own kind of happy. Be yourself no matter how hard you situation is. No matter what.

The author's comments:

I choose to write about this because I wanted to show something the LGBTQ community goes through. I support the LGBTQ communiy.

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