Let It Snow

April 12, 2017
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I’m looking toward the window while I’m in this warm room, and the window is fogged. As i get up to go look out of the window I have to wipe it off, and as I look out all I see is pearly white snowflakes coming down from the sky. I get a closer look to the snowflakes as they are raining down so quickly, and i see my reflection in the flakes as it just went down to the ground and disappeared. Most people would call me crazy if I told them the thoughts I have when I see beautiful things like this, but when it starts snowing I see so much potential in the coming year because the flakes play back the past and makes it disappear as they touch the ground ever so softly. I look up and see one coming down and on the flake is someone sitting on it. I recognized who it was and I closed my eyes and shrunk in sizes and got as small as the flake itself, and made my way to get on the flake with the person whom i recognized on top of it. As I’m getting on the flake i realize really who it was and it was my grandpa. I started to smile and asked how he was doing and where he came from but all he could tell me was that he was back from the sky lands where god sent him down to give me a message. As I say okay papa what is it, the wind catches our flake and we go way up in the air and float all the way up into the sky. It’s very sunny up here. It’s not cold anymore. I look down and I’m not of a snowflake anymore. I’m on a beautiful white dove as it hums through the sky and makes its way around the clouds. My grandpa just smiled and said it’s a fun journey here, but when i present you your message you can’t speak of this to anyone. Of course I said okay, and went on with the ride and didn’t take it as quite literal as he meant it. We got to the cloud of my grandpa’s desire, and he got off the dove. I followed with tenacity as I thought I was going to fall through the clouds. He turned around gave me a hug and said I have a great plan for you. I can’t let you keep doing the things you are doing. You are going to ruin your life he says and he hands me a piece of paper. He says write all of your past mistakes on that piece of paper and crumble it up and throw it away and all of your past mistakes will go away for good. No one will remember them. I just smiled and said grandpa I don’t need this. I need to remember my mistakes so I can learn from them. I don’t want to experience what I’ve already experienced again. My grandpa just smiled with joy and said thank you, and jumped off the cloud and disappeared as if he were never there. I jumped off of the cloud and woke back up in front of the fogged window staring at the beautiful snow.

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