The Fortune Cookie

March 30, 2017
By KaiyaBryanna SILVER, Gainesville , Florida
KaiyaBryanna SILVER, Gainesville , Florida
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On a cloudy Saturday night, somewhere in China town, was a little Chinese restaurant. The streets were quiet, and the restore at was empty. Except for the owner, Ling-Ling and her brother, Quinn. Ling- Ling was a person who took everything literal. If you were to tell her, “Don’t throw me under the bus.” She would tell you “Well if I threw you under the bus, I'm pretty sure you'd probably be in ICU or God forbid, dead. And I surely don't want you in a hospital or six feet under”.  Quinn on the other hand, was a very nonchalant person. If it's -5 degrees outside, Quinn would grab a cool looking jacket instead of a big coat hat doesn't match.

Since there was no one came inside the restaurant in the last two hours, Ling-Ling decided to open some fortune cookies with Quinn. Ling-Ling’s fortune cookie read, “the night is young, make use of it and don't let the night fade away.”  Quinn’s fortune cookie read “someone will ask you to go on an adventure with them, do not deny it. Oh, what fun you will have.” Ling-Ling studied fortune cookie for a good minute. She got up and told Quinn to get dressed. But Quinn just looked at her like she's crazy and just sat there opening more fortune cookies. Ling-Ling grabbed his hand and led him outside. Quinn said to Ling-Ling in a very uneasy voice, “What are you doing, you're so weird and let me go. “Ling-Ling told her brother, “Don’t blame me. I'm just doing what the fortune cookie told me to do.” With that said she locked up the restaurant and closed it for the night. “So, if they fortune cookie told you to jump off a cliff, would you, do it?” Quinn asked, “I Just might. But that doesn't matter now, I'm going on an adventure to the city and I want you to come with.” Quinn then thought about what his fortune cookie told him, “Someone will ask you to go on an adventure with them, don't deny it. Oh, what fun you will have.” 

Quinn followed Ling-Ling to the house to get changed and off to the city they went. As they were walking across the bridge, they knew that they weren't in china town anymore. It's wasn't empty, dull and quiet, in fact there were colorful lights beaming everywhere and loud music playing from different buildings and the streets were filled with people. It's been a very long time since Ling-Ling and Quinn have been in a party like setting, since they’ve been working in the returns to since their parents died in a hit and run accident 8 years ago, they danced and laughed through the streets. They chatted and made new friends. The time was ticking down until 12am and the town was slowly starting to calm down. Finally, it ended up like China town, dead.

Walking back to China town, Quinn asked his sister, “What did the cookie say?” “It told me ‘The night is young, make use of it and not to let the night fade away. What did yours say?” “Well Ling-Ling, believe it or not, mine told me to go on that adventure into the city with you.” With that said they walked back to their apartment building in dead China town,  behind their little restaurant.  Happy that they finally went out to a party rather than staying I that restaurant for 3 more hours to do nothing after they closed the resturant for the night. Quinn told Ling-Ling one last thing before they went into the apartment, " I enjoyed going into the city with you sis. We should do it more often." Those were words Ling-Ling never would've expected to her from her brother. 

The author's comments:

My English II Honors teacher made my class do a free write about one of the line, " Don't blame me, I'm just doing what the fortune cookie told me to do." Then this short story was created. 

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on Apr. 15 2017 at 9:04 am
Benny345 BRONZE, Grandville, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"If you never did you should, these things are fun and fun is good." - Dr. Seuss

I really liked your story! it was well written and fun to read.


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