Diary of Typical Teens

March 28, 2017
By , Ulmer, SC

Avery Life

A diary of a teenager who lives in a abusive household, a low financial performance, and back stabbing friends and even family. But She never let that life get in the way of her dreams until one day.
Avery is a excellent student and friend. But no one never knows about what goes on in her house, the household falls apart because of their low financial problems, her drunk father repeatedly beats her beloved mother.

Dear mom and dad,
Sometimes I think to myself, why is my name "Avery"? Maybe because of the "ivery" or the cannibus that my dad smoked while my mom drove and had labor at the hospital to have me. What do my mom see in that man? or Why does my mom keep putting up with him? But I know if I ask my dad, why he treats my mom like that, all he is going to do is abuse me too.

Dear Life,
It's been three nights without any sleep. Every time I try to, the loud shouting and crying from my parents room. Like does my dad even love my mom because I know I might be fifteen but I know this is not how to treat the people who you "claim" to love

Dear Life,
Once again, Noooooooooooooo sleep, what so ever, I'm so tired of hearing my dad yell and abuse my mom like that. Its making me cry and mad at the same time, cause one part of me is like why he does this to her like that; she's nice and innocent. On the other hand I'm mad cause I'm not standing up for my mom like I should be. Like it's hurts to hear "you cheating $&@?!" everytime they argue, I know my mom doesn't do that, she have respect and responsibility for her family than that stupid stuff and I love her for that.

Dear My Dearest Brother,
Don't do this to yourself, I saw my little brother (Jacob) started hanging out with the cool kids, the ones who smokes cannibus and go with cheerleaders and get them pregnant then after they have their child, they beat the cheerleaders like how my dad does to my mom. Like I know its hard to live in abusive household, and having a father figure who do the worse. But please, don't be like him, please.

Dear God,
Please bless our family with money. We are three weeks, I mean three weeks, late behind on bills and plus I didn't even have a chance to take school pictures since two or three years ago. Dad said since he the man of house, he the only person who should have a job, but what's the point of having job and you only going care about yourself. Mom have to stay inside the house and cook, cleaning, wash clothes like she's a slave, and besides she can't even leave the house without his permission.

Dear Future Me,
Whatever you do in life, just be successful and wealthy.


Tommi Life

A diary or a journal of an girl whose not like other girls. She lives her life as boy but can't tell anyone else her sexuality because she's scared of what people might think of her.

Entry 1
I know a girl like me doesn't write diaries but I have tell to my feelings to something or someone. But knowing theses people around here ain't going to accept me the same way if I told them that I like girls than boys so naw that's out of the question. So, imma just keep these sexuality as secret, even keep it away from my friends. But one of my friends, Tiffany, I got a crush on but she doesn't know that and it hurts that she only goes with boys like what's wrong with girls though but that's her discussion though. But I think I have to change her mind ;-).

Entry 2
I finally told my best friend or what i call her "my side chick", Katrina, my secret about my sexuality. I was nervous at first but I had to tell her.  She's like my everything to me, dawg. Holding something away from her. Is crushing our bond that we have, you know. But yet, she took it to heart at first, then she cool down and understand why I hide it from everyone. Yes, I told her about having a crush on Tiffany, and she was cool about that too. Because no lie, she had a crush on her too, I always saw that.

Entry 3
First thing first, my name wasn't always "Tommi". My actual name is Tina. I hated my  name since I was 10. That's when started liking girls. My mom never knew I'm was lesbian. Because my mom is an nurse at the downtown nursing home. But the point is my mom never like lesbians, bisexuals, and even gays. Like she always judged people by their sexuality. And that's just plain wrong bruh.

Entry 4
Every time I pull up in school, it always be a girl sitting by herself at breakfast. I think her name is "Avery" or "Arizona" but she always be sad. When I always go and talk to her, she always say she wants to alone and no one understands her pain. Only if I knew I can help her. I remember when I been that sad is when my dad committed suicide because he had a mental breakdown because he have a mental disorder. I was crying for two months after the funeral but luckily I had Katrina, Tiffany, Jennifer as my friends and supporters.

Entry 5
Yeah, I know life without a dad is hard once you think about it. But I am a tough girl, I can pretty much face anything, to be honest. Ugh........... I sound like a girly girl. But I'm not going to lie, sometimes I miss my dad and get emotional. And that's when I start writing some poetry to help get over the pain.

Entry 6
The more I write poetry, the better. The more I ease the pain and suffering.


Becca Life

A diary of girl who struggles threw teen pregnancy and rape.


I was a good girl, always did homework, join clubs at school, participated in plays. But one day I stop being "miss proper", during school some students talked about a party at Brian's house (the cool kid). But knowing me, I wasn't going to go. Well, you thought wrong, my so called friends tricked me into thinking that Brian's best friend Chad liked me because they knew I had a crush on him since middle school. After school while on the bus, Virginia (best friend) told me to come to the party with her, so I agreed knowing that Virginia will never do anything to hurt me. At home, I asked my mom "can I go to the party" but she said no, because them kids are nothing but trouble. Later on at night, I got a text from Caddie (former friend) saying where are you? Are u coming? Chad looking for you!, I replied back saying I was coming. While mom was sleep I sneaked out the house and went to Brian's house. I had a awesome time until I started drinking and getting out of control then I pass out. Chad came in the room and RAPED ME!!!!!

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