March 13, 2009
By __Sky BRONZE, Kamloops, Other
__Sky BRONZE, Kamloops, Other
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Standing there was a girl, just an ordinary girl.

As he saw her the wind fluttered by in a gust. The girl's hair flowed with such eminence that the boy could not help but stare forthwith. The luminocity of her eyes glowed with passion, and when she looked his way , what he could see was not that of the deepest sea of blues and greens that blended with eachother to remind him of the ones that he mused about all day long, but the remarkable satisfaction he got when he realised this wonderful pallid godess was not only look his way but litterally directly at him. Her eyes lingered there only so long as to let him know that she had aknowledged him, in the slightest bit at least. The wind that fluttered by carried the sweet aroma of her most alluring perfume she had ever worn, carrying him away to another dimension of happiness. The air was sweet and she stood there still as a statue. Her hair only stirred to the movement of the wind. The only sound he could hear was the quick breaths coming from this queen of a young woman and the swift beat of his own heart thumping against his chest with the intesity that felt like it would depart from his own rib cage never to beat another beat again. She slwoly turned on her heel so, perfectly and graceful. He looke dinto the sea of her eyes once again, and as he stared longer he got pulled deeper into the abyss of his own qurencia taking him in. The sun had started to set and the colors of the clouds only irradiating her wonderfully, breathtaking beuty that smiled back at him in a way that he has never seen another human being before. As the moon and her minion stars fought their way across the night sky they quickly over run the sun. Leaving the girl lit by the only light source there was in the entire earth's atmosphere.The moon. It shone off her skin in wonderful imaginary colors that there were no words too tell which they were. The intesity of the passionate red flowed from her every poor , mean while the unrestrained blues and greens silently calmed the passion and turned it into a long lost lust that was never to be seen again after that one imparticular night. Her breathing calmed and his own heartbeat slowed to a light flutter. He was completely neurotic. The image quickly faded with the sound of thunder coming from right outside his daydreams. The girl was gone and the rain had started not only that but the image of the wonderful pallid goddes had burned into his mind as to stay in his mind and visit him every night in his sleep, for the rest of his life.

Until he found his way into the heart of that one young woman who was the goddess and princess of his life long dreams, this girl was not just any ordinary girl.

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