My Sad, Dubious Life

April 9, 2017
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A slow, cooling wind ruffled through her hair, toying with its strands playfully. She looked up to see herself underneath the shade of her favorite Banyan tree. She walked around 'the park frozen in time', she wasn't shocked to see the children frozen as they were kicking a ball around, a man drinking out of a water fountain, the water was still, not frozen, just still and the man's mouth was so wide open it was in danger of attracting flies, lucky for him, the files in question were frozen as well.


She had visited this dream so many times, but she was never tired of seeing it. On the contrary, her spirits were always elevated every time her mind led her astray from the harsh realities of her life into this trance, this illusion as some people would call it. What those people didn't know was that these 'delusions' which made her mad was the only thing that kept her going. 'She's quiet, but she babbles sometimes to herself I guess.' She remembered her captive telling another man while she looked around aloof. The dream represented the joy, the fun, the innocence of youth, her golden childhood before…. She walked backward, trying to engulf the beautiful scene before her eyes that glistened with tears. She tried to memorize and restore every trace, every action, every eye, every smile, every laugh. And then, just like magic, everything started moving again. The sound was music to her ears, as well as her psych. And she let more and more tears fall as her mouth opened to laugh. She jumped up, kicking the leaves around her, she ran around, her arms trying to touch the clouds. Nobody cared because, in her dream, she was as free and liberated as she wanted to be.


She stopped, closing her eyes, all she could hear was laughter, the excited chattering voices of people around her, water fountains, birds chirping and she could feel the sun falling. Her face closed, like a mask. It was time to put on her façade. Now, darkness engulfed the park and her heart froze. She wanted the Earth to swallow her and her eyes once again glistened with more tears. But these weren't tears of joy, these were tears of long time pain, depression, and guilt. Those once happy voices were now scared, frightened, lonely. The children stopped laughing, the water stopped pouring, the birds stopped chirping. She stopped smiling. And she closed her eyes once more, trying to block out everything and when she opened them again she was back in her lonely, dingy cell. Back where she started.

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kskpillaiThis teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. said...
Apr. 13 at 11:34 pm
Dash, this is amazing work! I'm a fan of yours!
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