Unanticipated Destination

March 12, 2009
By , San Lorenzo, CA
'I hate you Cain.' He had paused for a moment at the door. His hand hovered at the knob for a second before his lips spread into a smirk.
'I know.' He swung the door open, letting the afternoon light flood in as he stepped out of the dark apartment. He paused again after his first step out of the door, as if he tasted his freedom in the air, and then sighed and walked down the hall. And the girl was left on the floor in a teary mess, holding a small picture of a laughing boy. She clenched it in her fist, staring after him. All she could think about was how she will never forgive that cold hearted excuse of a man.
It was winter, a season which people would huddle together to keep warm and making delicious hot chocolate. Stores with decorative display show it proudly as employees smile gleefully and cater to every costumer's needs. Warmly dressed people walk by each other happily and greet people as they pass. Festive spirits flit from place to place as they finish decorations and present buying ahead of time. In the middle of such a bustling city, stood a fountain nearly frozen by the weather.
Cain circled the fountain slowly as he thought about where to go. He had the whole day to himself and there wasn't much to do around a city so small. Nothing seems to go on in such a small town anyway. He paused for a moment to look behind his shoulder; the prickling sensation of not-quite-guilt grew as he found himself watching a couple with their son in tow. He looked away before the sensation grew even more. His face, a perfect blank mask never ever portrayed his feeling now showed the pain he felt seeing that scene.
He began to walk again, leaving behind the happy festive atmosphere. His back toward everything else, he was heading toward somewhere else to escape.
Cain really didn't know where he was. He had just let his feet carry him to anywhere, and he found himself in the most unsafe neighborhood in the city. He slowly turned around to leave, but was called from behind.
'Hey you!' It was a feminine voice, and immediately Cain decided to walk a little faster so he could avoid human contact for little longer. However, this was not the case, he was in a dangerous neighborhood and bad things do bound to happen, says Murphy's Law. And just as he felt the voice fading away, another voice called out; a voice with such malice you could feel it permeating the air. The last thing he remembered before blacking out was the heavy hand armed with manicured claws.
The first thing that came to his view was a cell phone. Next, was a picture of a boy laughing joyfully at the camera. The picture was well worn as the edges were soft and slightly curled and the picture was bent from being held one too many times. The phone was obviously his as he stared at it and speculates how he got himself into this kind of situation. He looked up at the culprit who kidnapped him. Cain recognizes her. No, he knows her.
'You. What do you want?' How could he not? Four years of marriage should suffice in recognizing his ex-spouse, even if she changed her hair color and outfit. He raised his eyebrows at her, not looking a bit uncomfortable with the ropes around his neck that connected with his hands and legs. His cold indifference in finding himself kidnapped agitated her apparently as she visibly grinded her teeth, and back handed him.
'You find yourself tied up and defenseless, and you can say is 'what do you want'' She glared at him as he continue to stare at her passively.
'Yes.' His blunt confirmation almost made her speechless as she stared at him now instead of glaring. She turned away from him to regain her composure before speaking again.
'You're such a frigid b****** Cain; this is my revenge to you for taking away the only thing I truly loved in the world. And making me fall in love.' She was deranged, Cain was sure she was with the way she tousled her hair as she talked. He probably had inkling to why she is the way she is now, but his first priority was to leave this dump. Leave, and leave quickly before some unholy torture happens. Cain sighed in exasperation as she began to walk to the other side of the room. She reached the table in a few strides and began to pick tools up to start her crazy revenge. While her back was turned, Cain quickly struggled out of the ropes and stood up. He looked around the room and spotted the door. Quickly grabbing the phone, he opened the door and walked out; as he closed it he turned to look in and said something.
'I don't feel like playing, good bye Bella.' Bella stiffen visibly, still collecting tools, quickly turned around and made a mad dash for the door. But by the time she got there, Cain had already jammed the door shut. She banged the door in futile, yelling obscenities to Cain as he left.
Standing on the edge of the sidewalk, he noticed that the neighborhood was different from the one he was in before. He looked back at the house he came out of and realized that this was where he used to live. A lot had changed for the past four years, but he could recognize the house as it was originally, even though it was burned down by fire years before.
Looking up at the sky, the clouds had gathered and it had begun to snow. He shivered slightly as his shirt was thin and the room he was in was warm. He rubbed his arms slowly and began to walk. His destination was aimless, as his soul was loveless. His cold heart has long run out of its energy to stay warm. Looking back at the room he was in before, Cain watches the door vibrate from the banging before turning back. He didn't have to stay there, so he didn't, Cain slowly left footsteps for the snow to fill in as he leave the life he once believe he wanted.
From his pocket, he pulled out a picture of a little boy smiling brightly at the camera. Cain smiled for a second, a small but yet painful smile before letting the cold wind take the picture away. He watches it drift away in the wind before continuing on to some unknown destination that Cain himself doesn't know.

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