High school

March 21, 2017
By Anonymous

In my opinion high school is dreadful. It's no where near as glamorous as the movies make it seem. Everyone counts on you to get good grades but to also be in other activities and have a social life as well. Talk about a full plate. If you're like me, you're  also trying to balance having a part-time job too.
   Teachers give you mounds of homework each night, numerous tests each week, practice every day after school, and working or doing homework during the weekends. Some days I'm so tired I could fall asleep standing up. I'm lucky if I get Six hours of sleep a night. Other days I'm so busy I don't eat dinner until 10 o'clock at night.
   You lose friends or gain different friends. The friend you often thought would be there forever, don't even stick with you to senior year. Sometimes you just grow apart or you don't even know why you aren't  friends anymore, but you don't talk anymore. Some kids move away, switch schools or even drop out others just go down the wrong path and don't make it back. It happens. You start out middle school with a big group of friends and by high school you're lucky if you have one or two real friends left. Not everyone is going to stay in your life and that's okay but that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt to not be friends anymore. Although, some of the friends you gain are better than the ones you lost.
    Sometimes grades are so hard to stay on top of. It seems like if you're gone one day it takes you a whole week to catch up. Some teachers forget to put grades in or they never collect homework so your whole grade is based on tests and if you aren't a good test taker, than there goes your grade. Most teacher are willing to go to the ends of the earth to help you but you always have that teacher or two that just doesn't care. They come, do their work and leave. They don't even want to lift a finger to help you out. You are left to figure it out yourself or get a tutor, if you have time for one.
   Everyone judges everyone. It's what we do as humans but wow can high schoolers be very judgmental and or rude. It seem like if you wear sweats more than one day a week everyone thinks you're a slob but really your just trying to be comfy or maybe you were lazy that day. If you dress up all the time people think you're a try hard and that you just want to impress everyone. Let people dress how they want to dress.  Dress code is beginning to become such a problem. Shorts have to be longer then mid thigh, please show me girl shorts longer that are mid thigh and are comfy or cute. And help all girls if they start a ban on yoga pants. I refuse to wear jeans more than once a week. 
    Kids who's parents let them do whatever they want, just let whatever they want fly out of their mouths because they have never learned consequences. Teenagers think they are immortal and that nothing will ever get them, or that rules don't apply to them. Kids don't think before they open their mouths and sometimes they get themselves in a tangle. Other times the school gets to involved in kid's drama, let the kids figure it out for themselves. They are going to have to figure it out for themselves later on in life.
    High school has changed so much from when my parents were in high school. My mom used to smoke cigarettes on school grounds durning lunch. Both my parents would go to parties. Back then everyone was more laid back and chill, now a days everyone is high strung and strict. Don't get me wrong discipline is good but let kids be kids and figure it out for themselves.
   Desks are the most uncomfortable things I have ever had to sit in. If I'm going to be in school for six hours please please get me a decent chair. If we are watching a movie, let us bring snacks please. Let us listen to our own music if we are taking a test or doing our work as long as it isn't super loud or disruptive. Little things like this could make school more enjoyable. Don't get me wrong, not every day is terrible there are some good days too.

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