Thoughts of three people in a car crash

March 17, 2017
By JiayuanFeng SILVER, Guangzhou, Other
JiayuanFeng SILVER, Guangzhou, Other
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Work hard and some day you talk pretty.

One day, a car crash took place in the middle of a crossed-road.
The person who violated the red light:
“The wine was so engaging and the sexy women were so fascinating. Their hair was so lustrous; their lips were so fleshy and shining; their boobs were so fancy and alluring; their legs are very tight and smooth. Oh god, I want to go back to that bar again and continue to flirt with those girls. What’s wrong? That was red light? Oh no!!! What? Another car is coming. Now I need to take the brake. What? It’s closer. Please don’t go any nearer!!! God please don’t let me die!!!”

Another person who crashed the violating person:
“What a sunny day! The sky is so blue and clear and the sunshine is so bright! I am driving my wife and child to the park. There will be fresh air and interesting games for my kid to play. Oh I want to play games too. What’s wrong with myself? I am still like a little child hahahaha. That light is green. Ok, keep going, I want to get there sooner. Accelerate! Accelerate! Accelerate! What? Why is that car still going while his side is on red light? God, I need to take the brake hard. What’s wrong with that stupid person’s mind? Noooo it’s too late!”

From a pedestrian’s perspective:
“I still got a lot of homework to do. I am so tragic and miserable. Why does the teacher always pick on me in class. My world is devastating and collapsing. The teacher gave me extra homework and that is totally unfair. Oh god, look at that two cars. Oh trust me they are not gonna hit together. Really? Yikes! That’s terrible. Listen to that huge crashing sound! They are so stupid even when the road is not in congestion. I must go away as quickly as I can and get rid of this bad luck. Oh I am not in the worst situation. At least I am not involved in a terrible car crash. Mt world is bright again! I am going back to do my homework. I am so excited.”

The author's comments:

Only do one thing at a time. Tragedy happens when distraction happens.

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