Black Dress

March 11, 2009
By Mallory Reich BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
Mallory Reich BRONZE, Shoreline, Washington
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'D.D.!' I heard my best friend yell my nickname. I swirled by head around to see my dreaded best friend run toward me. 'What's happening Tomi?' I asked. I saw him flinch. He hated that nickname as much as I hated D.D., which had nothing to do with my name, Moriah. 'You know I hate that name.' He sighed. 'Yeah' and I hate being called D.D.' I smiled. 'Well, you kinda deserve that' saying you're always the designated driver'' I tuned out soon as He started to rant on about my non-drinking life. 'Anyway'' I cut him off. 'Yeah' we're going clubbing this weekend' can you be the--' 'D.D., sure.' I answered and stalked off toward my car.

'Hey Moe!' Somebody called. I turned to see Tom's twin brother, Bill running toward me. 'Can you give me a ride?' He panted. 'Did Tom take a girl with him?' I asked Bill, who looked away. 'That man-wh*re! I'll get on him later. Hop in.' I laughed. 'Thanks.' He sighed. Closing the door to my BMW. 'I still can't believe my parents bought this for me.' I smiled, putting the car into reverse. 'Actually, can I just go to your house? Tom has a girl over so'' Bill trailed off.

We turned down the street to my house. 'Are your parents home?' Bill asked. He was staring out the windows, watching the big houses pass by. 'I'm not sure, I don't think so.' I answered, keeping my eyes on the road. I pulled into the empty driveway and sighed. 'Not home.' Turning the engine off and hoped out.

'Want something to eat?' I asked, tossing my backpack onto the kitchen. 'I already got stuff.' Bill smiled, walking out. I rolled my eyes, Bill practically lived here, saying every time Tom would take a new girl home and Bill would come to my house. 'What's on TV?' I asked, plopping onto the couch next to Bill. 'Nothing good.' Bill answered, taking a sip of his soda.

'I better get home.' Bill sighed. 'I'll drive you home.' I laughed standing up from the couch. 'I like that movie.' Bill laughed once we where in the car. 'Which?' I asked, backing out. 'Zoolander.' He smiled. Of course Bill would like that. 'Here you are.' I sighed, pulling into my house. Bill hopped out and was going to open the apartment door when Tom opened the door, letting out the pretty blonde. Tom walked down to the car. 'Thanks Moe.' He said, after I rolled down my window. 'Who was that?' I asked, ignoring his thanks. 'Jamie'' He said. 'Wrong, that's Becca, captain of the drill team. You are such a man-scallywag.' I rolled my eyes. 'Sorry' Jamie was last week.' Tom smirked. 'Nasty.' I answered. 'Ya know' I haven't hooked up with you yet.' Tom grinned. 'And you never will.' I smiled and rolled up the window. 'Bye Tom.' I mouthed as I backed out of the driveway.

Driving back home, my mind couldn't get off Tom's perverted words, 'Ya know' I haven't hooked up with you yet.' And it was true, Tom only met me when I helped Bill do his make up at Ulta, where I worked. The more I got to know Tom, the more I got to know his ways, his family was always traveling. They where only home for a few months at times because their family did something secret. Sometimes I wished I had hooked up with Tom' was I falling for him?

I couldn't be. I shouldn't be. I didn't need this right now, too many girls fell for Tom. And once Tom is done with them, they'd usually fall hard. No... not happening to me. I just needed to get my mind cleared. I pulled into my house, feeling tired. By the time I got home, my parent's Cadillacs where parked. "I'm home!" I called, slamming the door to our 3 floor house. "I'm in the back!" My mother yelled. I opened the sliding screen door and walked outside. I saw my mom sitting in the hot tub with a glass of wine. "Hey mom? Can I go shopping?" I asked her. "Sure... have fun! Daddy's credit card is on the table..." She giggled. I walked inside with a smirk on my face. "Definitely drunk." I laughed to myself.

Driving to the mall, I couldn't pick out an outfit for clubbing in my head. Suddenly it hit me instantly. A black dress with the tights underneath.

The author's comments:
this was slightly inspired by the 3oh!3 song, don't trust me.

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