The Letter I Left on the Bus

April 6, 2017
By derek_decady BRONZE, Sterling, Virginia
derek_decady BRONZE, Sterling, Virginia
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This is a story between a boy and a girl who share the same emotion between each other. Instead of The Boy meeting other dudes, The Boy meets a girl that he starts to have feelings for but isn’t sure if she likes him back. Both never elaborates feelings for each other, and both of them are fine with that. Until the end...

Chapter 1: Camp

This is a story about camp. I’m thirteen and so are you. My name’s The Boy by the way. Before I went camping I imagine it would be me and some other kids running around trying to make other kids laugh. But it ended up being just the two, that’s me and that’s you. It’s early in the morning and we’re packing up to go home. We’re still wearing light blue camp t-shirts. I still smell that perfume you always put on before you go anywhere. I like you, I think I really like you. I’m pretty sure you like me too because of that look you always give me with your pupils wide open giving me this weird feeling inside.

I don’t know why I didn’t say anything all summer content with the miracle of this girl choosing to talk to me. And choosing to do it the next day and so on. A girl who’s outspoken and funny and who, if I say something dumb for a laugh, is willing to laugh at some of my corny jokes. But who also gets weird and wise sometimes in a way I could never be. A girl who listens to my stories and can tell stories that I can listen to all day about. Whose curly brown hair that can straighten whenever it wants to, which only dries in the summer breezes.

It long rides back to the pickup point where our parents drop us off at the beginning of camp. All the kids get on the bus with all their camp gear. The first bus is filled up to capacity, so we get one the second bus where they’re aren’t as many kids on it. We choose the second to last seat like we always do. We talk throughout the bus ride; the sun is now setting and the bus is now quiet with most of the kids asleep. We’re talking in whispers about a moth we saw at camp that went into the bug-zapper, and on how it compares to the life we live in. You said something about how a moth is searching for the right thing, but can’t get to its destination because the light it sees is false. Then all of sudden I’m like, “Can I tell you something?” And you’re like, “yeah,” so I keep telling you. You face is there and gone and there and gone as the bus pass the street lights that light the highway.

At some point, I’m just talking to lengthen the time where you haven’t said yes or no yet. Then I stop, and you give me this look. I said, “What?” You then said, “Nothing” giving me this look I’ve never seen before. Your eyes looked so certain and rested upon my eyes, it took me to a deep place making me look at your eyes as hallways of the past and future. That’s when I knew we fell in love. Both our eyes fell into a deep sleep with your head laying on my shoulder.

I soon wake up and the bus isn’t moving anymore. The lights that light the center aisle are all on, and I turn and you’re not there anymore. I look off of the reflection beside me, it looks like I’m older. I disembarked myself off of the seat to see who else is on the bus. No one’s on the bus anymore it’s only me. I go back to look at my row that used to be our row, and there’s a letter on it. I go back to the row and sit down again and read the letter. I look outside to see that the bus in stopped next to a lake. The truth to this story is everyone gotten off the bus, but I still haven’t… I never got off the bus…




“In a dream, we fell in love with our eyes closed and we danced for eternity.”

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