April 4, 2017
By , cincinnati, OH

When he woke up he had no idea where he was it didn't look like Seattle, it did not sound like Seattle nothing about it was like Seattle. He did not see anyone around him so he got up and walked around until he came across this market there was a little old lady outside selling fruit, he walked up and asked her  “What state is this?”

She looked at him very puzzled and said something back, he had no idea what she was saying it sounded like a foreign language. He figured she was just an immigrant so he moved on he was looking for someone else that could help him and tell him where the hell he is at. As he continued walking he finally saw someone he knew could help him, it was the police he walked up and asked them the same thing he asked the lady. They turned to each other and started whispering he was getting more and more confused and the cops turned back to him and said something in the same language that the woman spoke in and then another one yelled something at him. They started moving towards him and one pulled out a pair of handcuffs, he panicked and he started running, the three cops began chasing after him after a few minutes and turns the cops finally got him to the ground and took him to prison. Once he got there he was still very confused but he was happy because he knew someone there would speak some kind of english and he could figure out what was going on. He was wrong… a man walked into the interrogation room in a suit, he figured this was his lawyer and he was going to explain what was happening, but again he was wrong this man also did not speak english. At this point he was really freaking out no one could help him the man in the suit kept talking to him and asking him questions but he had no idea what he was saying they ended up putting him in a cell with another prisoner. The cops that took him down in the streets were bragging to all the other cops saying they took down the most dangerous man in Russia. They all thought that this man was the dyavol, which translates to devil. This man was thought to have killed 34 people in the last year they have been trying to catch him and have had no luck. They believed it was over this was the day they finally found him. When the man kept acting like he did not speak the same language as everyone in the station the captain Petrov sent out for a translator to figure more out about what dyavol was speaking. Finally the next day when the translator came in they figured out that he was speaking english and finally he might get some answers. He asked all the questions before she could even get a word in, he figured out that they were in Russia and he had been arrested because he was dyavol. He quickly said “What the hell is that?” The translator went on to explain that it was a serial killer that was on the loose. He did not know how to respond he immediately denied all allegations. He told them that he had been living in Seattle for the last 20 years of his life. So the officers told him that if he would just show some ID and a valid passport that they would let him go back to the states. He told them that when he had woken up in the middle of the street that he had nothing in his pockets no wallet no phone just a business card that said “Alyona Petrov. direktor mezhdunarodnykh otnosheniy (means international director of relations)”

The captain flipped out and asked how he knew his daughter and why he had her card? He was spazzing out, and he sent an officer to her house to go check on her. He waited in the room and asked again
“How do you know my daughter and why do you have her card?”
dyavol responded with “Sir I..I… really do not remember I am sorry.”
“I've heard enough throw him into solitary confinement.” Captain Petrov exclaimed
“But sir!” dyavol Began screaming
“NOW!” the captain screamed.

When he got back into his cell he was not sure what he was going to do now all of Russia believes that he is a serial killer there was angry families of the victims lined up outside that wanted his head. When the officer got to the house to check on the captain's daughter was laid out on the ground with a pool of blood beneath her. The officer called the captain right away and told him the bad news. He did not know how to react he started sprinting toward the cell that they had dyavol in and started screaming at him saying he was going to kill him and beat the hell out of him but dyavol did not have a clue what he was saying before the captain could get his keys into the doors to the cell the other officers contained him and tried to cool him off. He went straight over to the sight and began to look for clues anything that would prove that he was the killer and they could give him the chair. The only real evidence that they had on this man was a picture of his face on a security camera outside one of the victims houses. It did look just like him, and he had no alibi other than him saying that he was in the U.S at the time. As the captain searched the crime scene more and more he discovered a passport lying on the ground it read Rick tomlin, age 23, sex, male, height, 6’1, weight 210. The picture that was on this passport was definitely the man that was down at the station, he went back to the station as fast as he could get there and he pulled dyavol back into the interrogation room and asked him why his passport was at the scene of the crime. He said that he was working on a project with her over in America. This story could check out because the daughter was just in america six months ago working on a project. The captain believed that and then asked “So how did you end up in Russia?” 

Dyavol or as we now know him as Rick replied “Sir I do not know she was in Seattle for business and I dropped her off at the airport that is the last thing that I remember.”
The captain pulled out the passport and showed to him and asked if it was his or not. Rick joyfully replied “Yes! Yes it is are you guys going to let me go now?”
The captain took a good long look at him and said “No you scumbag you have killed enough people and this fake passport proves nothing” (in Russian of course)
“Sir you cannot possibly think that this passport if fake I am telling you I have been in Seattle for the last 20 years I've never even been to Russia before last night” Rick said.

“Until you can come back with a better story than you just ended up here you're in solitary confinement and I am determined to put you on death row your days are limited… enjoy” The captain replied disgusted.

Now Ricks next mission was to get out of prison somehow he had no plans other than first making out of this little box he was in and make it to the general population so that he could find some people to help him. Three days had passed and he was not having any luck yet, the captain wanted to speak to him again so he was taken back to the interrogation room. Once he got there the captain told him that they had found some evidence that could end the case. He said that they had found some of his skin underneath her nails. Rick did not know how to reply to this because he started to remember what it was. It was not because of a struggle or anything like that. Rick told the captain “Sir I do not want to disrespect you but that is from something else I promise I will not go into detail but me and your daughter have been working together in Seattle three nights ago, and well… let me just show you.” Rick stood up and turned around and pulled his shirt up and there was scratch marks all over his back. The captain was disgusted he wanted this man dead even more now. The captain turned around and started punching the wall and yelling things in Russian. The translator all of the sudden put a piece of notebook paper in the front pocket that is on Rick’s jumpsuit. The captain finally turned back around and told the other officers “Take him back to his cell before I kill him myself”

When he got back to the cell he pulled out the note and it read “Rick I believe you! I do not think that you are capable of doing something like this. I think that you are being framed I just need a way to prove it. The camera footage of you outside one of the victim's house is going to be pretty hard for me to explain. I need you to write on the back of this paper what you were doing that night obviously you were in Russia but why and what were you doing outside that house? Hang in there I am going to get you out of here.”

He now had hope that maybe he would make it out alive and he had someone on his side for once in this whole thing. He did not have anything to write with and he did not want the guards to find the note so he tore it up and ate it. The guards came back again and took him into the interrogation room this was the 5th day in a row he has been taken down to interrogation. He never knew what to expect when he got down there, all he knew is that he wanted to talk to the translator without getting caught. Once in the interrogation room the captain was not in there at the time it was one of the lead detectives, the translator told rick “He is at his daughters funeral.”
Rick asked the lead detective “Do you mind if I have a private word with just my attorney and the translator?”
The lead detective nodded his head and left the room. Since he could speak english and neither could the attorney Rick and the translator began talking.

“What's your name?” Rick asked.
“Jennifer, I am also from America” she replied.
“You really think you can get me out of here?” Rick said timidly.

She looked a little puzzled but then said, “I think that you are innocent you don't seem like you could have killed anyone, We just need an alibi for that night which you do not really have. What were you doing outside her house that night?”

“I WAS IN SEATTLE! I don't know why you guys do not believe me” Rick screamed.
Jennifer pulled out her phone and showed him a picture from the security camera, he was stunned.
“Thats...thats not me… I don't know who that is but it is not me” Rick said confused.
“This is what they have against us, it looks just like you if you ask me” Jenn said.

The detective burst back in and it was his turn to investigate. Rick still sat there with a very puzzled and confused look on his face he was trying to remember what he did. He was trying to figure out why he would have been in Russia. The detective asked if he had anything he wanted to tell him, he said that if he came clean and was honest right now that he might not get the chair right away. Rick gave the same spiel as always and the detective left the room. Rick quickly looked at Jenn and asked “This Dyavol guy? How do they know that he was the one that has been killing all these people? How do they know that he killed the captain's daughter?”

“Every crime scene he has been leaving something behind almost like a clue like he wants the cops to catch him, and I won't go into detail but he kills them all the same exact way with precision, almost like he had a career as some kind of surgeon” Jenn explained.

“This is crazy I do not know how to use any of that stuff and I have never been in Russia. What are we going to do, they have to let me out” He pleaded.
“Listen you have to stay calm I am working on it, I am trying to get you out of here but you have to stay calm and do not draw attention to yourself.” Jennifer responded.
The captain came back in the room he was still in his tuxedo from his daughter's funeral, he came in stumbling and wreaking of booze. He sat down in front of RIck and next to the Jennifer, He asked Jennifer to ask Rick “Why… why does he do what he does?”
Jennifer looked at Rick and said “He is having a break down he wants to know why you are doing what you are doing?”
“Tell him it was not me for the 100th time!” Rick said angrily.

“DAMMIT! Yes it was stop trying to act like you have never been to Russia obviously it was you!” the captain screamed. The captain was staring at Rick with a crazy look in his eye and said, “Why did we find your passport at my daughter's house and why were you on the camera outside of that other woman's house just an hour after she was found dead.”

“Sir I was at your daughter's house two nights before she was murdered and she was fine I must have dropped my passport and forgot about it.” Rick explained.
The meeting ended how it always did with the captain not getting the answers that he wanted and storming out of the room. While he was out of the room Rick asked Jennifer for a layout of the prison if there was anyway she could get her hands on one. He knew that he was in solitary confinement but he got to leave three times a day and that was his window to get out.

“I think I could get my hands on one” Jennifer said confidently.
“I don't know how long I have left please hurry!” Rick exclaimed.
It was then that Rick noticed something else something in Jennifer's hair
“Bobby pins!!!! The bobby pins in your hair give me them!” Rick whispered excitedly.

As she started to take them out of her hair and tried to be secretive so that the officers would not notice she asked, “what are you going to use them for?”
“I am breaking out of here!” He said.

She slid the bobby pins over to him there was 4 of them he did not have pockets or anywhere to put them so he had to put them in his mouth, so he did and he was dragged back to his cell, once there he took the bobby pins out and began to experiment and see what they were capable of. He did not actually break out yet though because once he was out he had no idea where he was going to go, but he knew this was going to work. It was the next day and the second Rick saw Jennifer he immediately said ¨Did you get one?”

¨Yes wait until they leave the room¨ She exclaimed.

He nodded and then the captain walked in and all of the other officers walked out, the captain reeked of booze. Rick was thinking of ways to use this to his advantage but before he could think of anything that captain started punching Rick and he wasn't stopping the officers ran in and tried to pry him off, but he had already gotten a few shots in. They took the captain out of the room and told Jennifer to apologize to him, now no one was in the room and Jennifer put the blueprints under the table and Rick took them, He put them in his shoe he had never had his shoes searched before so he figured this was the best way to do it. Finally another man came in with an officer by his side. Rick had never been more happy in his life he jumped up to give him a hug. It was his lawyer from the states that he had asked to come out and try to get him out of this situation.

¨I have been going over this case over and over again… did you really do all of this?¨ He asked hesitantly.
¨Wait.. You think that I did this?¨ Rick said disgusted.
He began to explain ¨They have video of you outside of the girl's house the night she was murdered and this was almost three months ago? What were you doing at her house?¨

Rick finally opened up and told him what he had not told anyone before ¨I was there working on a plan to rob a bank in Russia, The security is way less advanced than american banks it would be an easy job and then we were going to move to america together.¨
Not knowing what to say back to him he slowly replied ¨What… how… are you serious? How did you even meet this girl?¨
¨Well the captain's daughter came to america to work on a project with me and this was her business partner, we kept in contact and we had it all planned out.¨ Rick said.

His lawyer was trying to keep up and replied ¨So you did kill her then?¨

¨God no! In one of her letter she said that I needed to come to Russia that week and we needed to plan things out, So I got on the next plane over and we began talking and trying to figure things out, just when we began to get rolling someone came through the front door.. I sprinted out the back door and did not look back, that was the last time I saw her alive. She did mention while I was there that she had a husband that the only person I can think that would be there at the time.¨ Rick frantically explained himself. Jennifer stormed out of the room and slammed the door. Rick and his lawyer continued talking. ¨You have buried yourself in a deep hole here… how do you plan to get out of this? And that explains that young lady but what about the captain's daughter?¨ His lawyer asked confused.

¨I do not have any idea I was there because me and her had developed a relationship over the time she was in America, I came to russia to try and bring her back to the states, the last thing I remember was talking to her about it and then someone bust down the door.¨ Rick said.

His lawyer paused for a minute and then said ¨Well we are in a foreign country it is going to be hard to win this trial they think that you committed 32 murders and they have some evidence. The only way you are getting out of here is if you break out and soon otherwise you will be going out in a body bag...¨

¨Funny you should say that I have already been planning my escape I have a blueprint layout of the prison and I have some bobby pins in my cell I am trying to get out.¨ He told him excitedly.

¨Wait… how did you get a hold of all that? No one even speaks the same language?¨ His lawyer questioned. 
¨The translator she has been helping me through the whole thing.¨ Rick exclaimed.

Just as the lawyer was getting ready to respond the officers came back in and said that their time was up. So now the lawyer was thinking of ways that he could maybe get him out of the prison and soon so that he would not be executed. His lawyer then went to his hotel and began to do some research to try and figure out as much as he could about the legal system and the prison that Rick was in. He found a lot of information he thought could definitely help. So He started to print things out and was thinking of how he was going to get everything to Rick without getting caught. He remembered Rick saying to him that when the Captain is not there the security was pretty lackadaisical. He figured this was his window to get him all the information he had. The next day he went down to the jailhouse and went into the same interrogation room they have been going into for days, the first thing he asked him was ¨Is the Captain here today?¨

¨Ümm I don't think so why?¨ Rick questioned.
He slipped him four pieces of paper that were folded down into the smallest form possible. 
Rick with a confused look on his face asked ¨John what is this?¨

¨Wait until you get back to your cell then open it up you are going to want to read them over very carefully.¨ John (the lawyer) Replied. After a hour or so of more questioning they sent Rick back to his cell. Rick had not seen Jennifer since she stormed out they had a different translator in the room today, this made Rick very upset he was not sure what to do without her she was the one there for him from the beginning helping him out with whatever he needed. While Rick was reading over the papers the officers stormed into the room, he quickly put the papers underneath the mattress. Behind the two officers was Jennifer she said ¨I'm sorry Rick...¨

The officers beat Rick down and dragged him out of the room as he was barely conscious he saw Jennifer walking away. They tore his room apart and found everything from the bobby pin to the blueprints to the cards that John had just given him. They then threw him back into the torn up cell, Rick now knew that if he was going to get out he would need someone else's help and he was going to need it fast. The only problem is he is in the same cell away from the general population almost all day the only time he even sees another inmate is when he is walking to the interrogation room. He knew this was the time to make his move. He was not exactly sure what he was going to do but he had an idea. Rick thought that if he could somehow start a fight he could get lost in the crowd and find someone that would be able to help him in someway no matter what that way was. So the next day as the guards were walking him to the interrogation room and sprinted into the middle of the room where all the inmates were eating lunch and he tackled one of them and then everyone began fighting, he then managed to sneak away to the kitchen and he was looking for something sharp that he could maybe tunnel his way out with, finally he grabbed two forks and a butter knife. He did not want to get risky he wanted to be able to hide it so then he went back to his cell with the forks and the knife.

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