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March 10, 2009
By Jeremy Kearns SILVER, New City, New York
Jeremy Kearns SILVER, New City, New York
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High school for me is a lot more difficult for me then for most people. I have a lot more to worry about then the other. Not only do I have to worry about school, family issues, and other things that occur when you grow up but I also have to worry about weight. I am the fat kid in school. I am constantly stereotyped by everyone. No guys want to be friends with me because I might ruin there rep, and no girls want to be with me because I am just an embarrassment. The school day consists of eight periods and I dread every single one of them. When I hear that bell to switch classes I sit there for a second and wonder who and how somebody will make me miserable.
For instance I was walking through the hallway and some popular kid named chuck was surrounded by a whole group of kids decided to take my books and throw them on the ground. While I was reaching down picking up my dropped books, another kid john who happens to be chucks best friend knocks into me and I fall straight on my stomach. As I am laying there full of embarrassment tears wanting to just burst out but I forbid; I see the whole group of kids patting each other on the back giving high fives having the time of there life.
Every other day I have to experience a thing called physical education. This is the worst thing in the whole world. Being that my classroom is a few feet from the gym im always first in the locker room. I move into hyper speed and try and get changed as fast as I can because I don't want people to see me without clothes on. It just so happens that I have trouble with my lock every time I open it. When it finally opens everybody is always there. Occasionally when there is a gag like smell passing throughout the room it always gets blamed on me. I get criticized for all that kind of stuff.
Lunch is also a bad subject for me. Nobody wants to sit with me. I am alone at a table meant for 12 people. I get stared at and laughed at but I zone it out. It doesn't help that my mom refuses for me to buy lunch so I get a lunch packed up in a lunchbox. It's not even a regular lunch box. It's a lunchbox meant to take on a family picnic for 6 people. As people walk by I hear the 'nice lunchbox' or 'mamas boy' said under there breath. I am pretty much considered an outcast.
When the final bell rings and everyone is able to leave, it's a relief. I scatter out of the classroom and hurry for my bus. I just so happen to be in the furthest classroom from where the busses sit and wait. As I am hurrying for my bus I hear older kids scream' run fat boy run'. My life is so hard. I always wish im dreaming when these incidents occur. As I get up the steps on my bus it's a great feeling of relief. The embarrassment is over and I am able to go home. But there's more! Since I come from far and always the last one on the bus there are no seats available. It's a bus rule that everyone must be sitting for the bus to go in motion. I stand in the aisle and the embarrassment builds up again. I stand there at the front of the bus looking at all 40 kids looking back at me. What I want to do is just get off and walks home but it's too far. Finally after being yelled at by the bus driver to just find a seat, some nice kid lets me sit with him and his friend, even though the seat is only meant for two. When the bus drops me off at my house, I immediately go inside drop my bags and sit down and think. I think of all the troubles I encountered during the day and what I am going to encounter tomorrow. Thinking is just thinking living is completely different. Everyday I think what there is to do to stop this. I can either get revenge or be assertive on these kids, or I can stay passive and just be a pushover for whomever. I figure ill wait and see when the opportunity presents itself. I arrive to school the next day wondering what can make this day worse then the past day. The countless possibilities are rushing through my mind like the speed of light. Dreading next period math I hear the bell ring. It just s happens that chuck is in my next class. I scatter through the hallway up to the math rooms. From a distance I hear 'meaty boy' as I turn around I see the one and only chuck. Trying to ignore him and keeping a straight path towards the math class I get a pat on the back 'hey matt I can't find my hand'. Ignoring him I enter the class. We had a test that period so as I finished I turned my test over and brainstormed what I was going to do about chuck. Run away, Get a teacher, go to the assistant principal. Then it hit me like a big spotlight went off in my head. I will catch him off guard and punch him in the face. The anticipation building up in my head, I don't know where to punch him in the face, what if I get in trouble. Next thing I know I hear the bell. I get up as quick as possible grab my books and hurry out the door. 'Hey Matty boy wait up for me' I hear from a distance. I slow down my pase but don't turn around. I got another one of those pats on my back. Now this next minute is the best sixty seconds of my life. I notice chucks eyes glaring at my books. As he reaches over to knock my books out of my hand the adrenaline in my body bursts out and I pushed him. After that he comes after me trying to knock me to the floor so he can attack me. All these memories of what he has done to me are rushing through my brain. Rite when he was arms length from me I got him square in the cheek. Out cold chuck was lying on the floor. I see teachers running from all different directions towards us. It's all over. I can tell after I returned from my five day out of school suspension that I was earning respect from multiple people. The overall best feeling was when this kid Greg asked me to hang out on the upcoming Friday. i have a good feeling about high school now.

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i tryed to put myself in the position on what it must feel like.

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