Emily's Dance Journey

March 28, 2017
By , Long Beach, CA

Emily dreamed of being a professional ballerina since she was 10 years old. She had danced since she was little. Wearing tutus and twirling until she was dizzy. When she was nine she decided to go to an actual dance school. So, she started with ballet. That was always her favorite. Then, after a little while she wanted to try Jazz. She loved it. The teacher moved her up a level. That Summer she was in her first dance recital. She was nervous, but excited. She continued to dance and decided she wanted to learn how to tap. The teacher was the loudest and meanest teacher there could ever be. She yelled and screamed at all of the students for making a small mistake.
Emily loved to tap, but she didn’t want to have to endure all of the hate. After each class she would cry and never want to go back. Emily said,”It was all worth it, to be able to be in the advanced dance company.” A big dance company that some of her friends were in because they did tap a year before. Emily was already in the ballet company, but she wanted to do more. A year had passed and Emily still was afraid of her teacher but was excited to be in the company. When she got her letter for next years classes. She was shocked. Emily didn’t get into the company. She thought that she did well in the class and should have gotten in. Emily asked her teacher why she didn’t make it. She said that she wasn’t in class enough to be able to join. The reason she wasn’t in class was because the teacher was so mean.
Emily promised herself that she would be in every tap class in order to be in the company. For the next few months she went to every dance class that she had, especially tap. Then, she got the letter from her teacher that she made it in the company and had all of the classes with her friends. She was so excited.
She went to her new tap class and it was harder than she expected. The class had all of these new combinations practiced already. Emily kept on messing up because she didn’t know the steps yet so the teacher would yell at her for not knowing how to do it. After awhile she caught on and had a great time. At the next dance recital she had 6 dances to perform every one of the days the recital was happening. She was able to go to Las Vegas for a National competition. She had already gone the year before for her ballet company dance, but this time she was able to compete with all of her dances. Ballet, Jazz, Tap, and Lyrical, and both of her companies.
She had a great time, but decided that she wanted to go another route. Her dream was to become a professional ballerina. Emily loved ballet more than any other type of dance. So that summer she transferred to an all ballet dance company. She did a summer intensive that lasted 3 weeks. The whole time she missed her old friends and wondered if it was a good idea to move. She planned to say goodbye to her friends at the last competition, but she missed the awards and couldn’t say goodbye.
She wasn’t making any new friends and thought everyone was better than her. Since she was experienced in other types of dance during the intensive she was better at the other types because she had more training, unlike the all ballet students. After the intensive was over she stayed at the company. At her old dance school she was already on pointe, but at this one they said she wasn’t ready yet and needed more training. She was a little discouraged because of that, but she didn’t let that stop her. That winter she decided to be in the NutCracker ballet. She had a great time, but she still missed her old friends and she was bored with just doing ballet. She loved all the other types of dance and she missed doing them. So, Emily went back to her old dance studio and continued to do all the types of dance she loved.

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