Band Life

March 28, 2017
By , Ulmer, SC


Marching Band is life.

Marching Band brings about memories that you would never get anywhere else.

Marching Band becomes the family that you can't live without.

That's what it is. 

????Until you grow feelings towards other band member or another "band" member.

Or  one of your friends who maybe become your worse enemy.

And possibly screwing up and being kick out of band or the Universtiy.


Chapter One

Waiting outside for the bus, my heart beating fast I can hear it through my ears.

A few minutes later, finally the bus arrives,

I sat to the back by myself, waving to my mom, dad, and little brother from the window, the bus pulls off saying next stop downtown North Carolina.

The bus filled with band nerds and other people who have anxiety over applying.

As the bus drives over speed bumps, my heart drops, knowing that we getting closer to the place. The feeling like your going to pass out or throw up. I'm taking deep breaths, wondering that a pianist like me, isn't going to make it through or even be excepted to a university only for band. Like what band do you see with a piano, I don't fit in to that society. But the only reason why I'm doing this in the first place, the promise I made to my dearest grandmother that I'll take any challenge that comes before me. The bus drives slower as it turn to the right to enter the academy. A billboard presented the words ;

Welcome to Band U
"a Universtiy that play their heart for You"

The bus pulled to a stop in front of the entrance, the doors open. Everyone ran out of the bus like dogs chasing after squirrels. I got off the bus last, I didn't want to be anybody human rug  and didn't want to be a embarrassment on the first day. 

"While walking towards the entry doors, a handsome gentleman runs pass you causing you to bump into each other"

Ohh my bad, I'm a clumsy person sometimes, you must the new girl, I'm Blake, and you are?

Ummm…. ummmm…..ummmm…..

The moment you feel when your heart begins to race and your hands become clammy like you're preparing for a big presentation at work. The words "I'm Erica, nice to meet you" just stuck between my brain and throat. I know that falling in love too easily, going to mess things up with application here.

I took a deep breath and without saying my name ask where was the schedules and where was the dorms located, and besides me liking him without even knowing him. Laughing out loud, really what kind of world I'm living in, a Romeo and Juliet story, ha please.


"You approaching towards the Regina study hall where the schedules and dorm numbers are located. You walk in surrounded by band members, geeks, and newbies in straight lines like elementary school with a call numbers. You pick your number from the table next towards the door."


*Sighs* number 147

Now I got a lot of time to think to myself

I wonder how I'm going to fit in or be classified in a band if I'm just a pianist. But I promise my grandmother , I'm going to face any challenge that comes my way, well, God bless on this one.


"Your number just a minute away and the pressure becomes heavy for you. Then you start second guessing about even applying here."


Maybe I shouldn't go here and besides I don't fit in with any of bands. Hmmmm.. I think I'm overreacting so much. I going own up to my promise and be the best whatever member of any or every band like what the worst can happen.


"Number 147, your next,"" yelled  the Band Director/principal"

"As you walk up, you take a deep breath of determination."

"Looking up into the eyes of Band Director/Principal."

"His eyes filled with boldness and fearlessness"

"You pick up the the schedule that had the dorm number and which band are you qualified in."


Oh great, I'm qualified for marching band, just wonderful. How in the world that a pianist like me going to learn how to march and play another instrument. I hope they teach me over in BAND CAMP, wow I thought this university was going to be different from high school. Well, I thought wrong.


"While walking out the study hall, you see a familiar face. Maybe too familiar.

"Your former best friend, Rebecca Jones"


I never thought to see the girl who been my friend for years but talk behind my back like I'm a stranger to her. I told her last time I see her or she even come my way, IM GOING TO KILL OR FIGHT HER. Me and her been friends for years and this how you treat me like I told her my secrets and everything. Hope she doesn't in be place in marching band with me or even in the same dorm. It will literally be the worst university years ever!!!!

I'll walk pass quickly before she even notice me or not I'm the last thing on her mind anyways. I'll worry about big problems seeking for my dorm. Hopefully I have to the coolest people ever in my dorm because rooming band greeks will be the lamest thing ever.


You approaches the dorm with your luggage, you pick up from the school lobby


Wow, this university is different from schools/colleges I went to.




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