Thoughts that race though her minds

March 28, 2017
By Anonymous

     As  Hurricane Matthew, blow threw the states that surrounds her. Her heart beats rapidly as the thumping play threw her ears, the electricity vanished throughout the house, nothing but silence and darkness that plays, wondering how more longer she have to wait or sit threw. Knowing that the clothes she had on, was the only thing she will wear until the electricity come on. The outside is cold and wet from the terrible storms and mild winds. Yet, the inside of the house begins to get warm then hotter by the minute. The food stored in the refrigerator began to spoil. As the sunset, making it hard to see where you are going, trying not to run into anything you will regret later. Prayers to the man upstairs, begging for electricity and cool air. Cellphone on 15%, hoping that is enough to make one or two phone calls, or even send a "help, save me" message to your family, knowing that driving up there is too risky or driving alone with the storm right behind or ahead of you. Now, all these questions race threw her mind, questions that need or find the answer too. She think she is losing her mind, She is so scared, then ripping hair from her head like she is crazy, knowing that her and her family knows about her metal illness and lack of communication with others. Then suddenly a knock on the door, she tiptoed to the door, trying not to slip over anything, then ask who is it. The voice from the door, sounded familiar, like her mom's voice. Slowly opening the door, was her mom, standing there, with a flashlight dressed in warm clothing, in a calm voice, saying come with me, my child, with the sweet purring from the car in a distance. She reach out her hand slowly, only seeing the trail of light that screams from the flashlight. Her and her mom barely walking to the car as the wind started to get rough and colder. Every step they took, the wind got stronger, they hoping and praying, they will make it to the car,  before the storm make them as it's lunch.

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