The Pine Tree

March 28, 2017
By RealisticFiction123 BRONZE, George Town, Other
RealisticFiction123 BRONZE, George Town, Other
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Her alarm clock beeped as it became 12 A.M. The light from the bathroom lit up the hallway. The breeze from the window was enough to keep her cold all night. She tossed and turned as her phone rang. “Ring Ring” the phone continued to ring until Louise woke up.
She to a look at her phone. 3 missed calls. Before she could even pick it up the phone it rang again. Louise picked up the cold phone and placed it to her ear. She yelled into the phone “What do you want Bertha its 12 A.M.”. Bertha’s shaky voice replied, “I can't say to much but I’m at the Pine Tree-OH and bring new shoes”. “Bertha what are you talking about”. There was no response just silence then one small beep.
Louise looked up but the only thing she could see was the hallway to the left of her bed. She stood out of bed and immediately slammed her toe into her briefcase. As she rambled on about how ridiculous it is that she has to go save her sister again she made it to the hall way. She placed her hand on the light swich of her bedroom and flipped it on. 
She walked over to her closet that was on the opposite side of the bed. She opened the big doors and bent down. She picked up a pair of shoes that had not been taking out of the box yet.
Louise turned on the car. She could smell the gas. She looked to her right to see the box with the UGG sign on the top. When ever she would go over a bump the top would flip open and you could see the tissue paper placed neatly around the shoes.
She pulled into an old parking lot underneath the bridge. She turned off the ignition and the car let out some black smoke. As she swung open the door it made a slight creaking noise. She got out and grabbed the shoe box. As she slammed the door and some rust fell off.
“Why in the world does she need shoes,” she yelled to herself. “Does she really need them I mean what a weird request-but what if she does?” She rambled on and on. She sat down on the bridge and continued to ramble. “These are my shoes. MY NEW SHOES! Why does everything I own go to her I can barely get by for myself. I have college loans. I’m going back to the car and putting MY shoes-” A scream came from ahead.
Louise slowly started to back away. Louise was not the adventurers type in fact she had never traveled out of Saskatchewan. She looked at how the big Pine Tree swayed left and right. Suddenly her hands started to shake. Her body started to sweat. She couldn't move. A gust of wind knocked her over.
Louise got up and without thinking walked forward. At the end of the bridge there was the Pine tree were Louise and Bertha played as kids. They would spend hours just running round and round the tree. Louise’s face lit up as she thought of that memory. Suddenly she was at the tree. Louise studied the tree looking it up and down. She couldn't see anyone around the tree. Her thoughts started to run wild and her stomach felt like it was as washing machine. “Bertha” Louise just managed to say. There was no response.
Suddenly someone pulled the box off of her hip. By the time she could fully turn around the figure was half way across the bridge. Louise went on a sprint after the figure. Louise followed it off of the bridge to the parking lot. The figure ran out of the parking lot while Louise got into her car. “Are you serious, who is stealing shoes at 1:24 in the morning” Louise screamed as she put the keys into the ignition. The car wheels spun in circles as she backed up out of her parking slot. Her car stalled then was off.
The headlights beamed so bright the whole road was illuminated. As the car got closer and closer to the figure running Louise could see the design printed on the back of the figures sweater. Swift Current bowling champions 2013. Louise’s foot slammed on the breaks. She sat there looking at the sweater. Her hand out of motion memory opened the creaky door. She stood up and slamed the door. Her feet dragged on the ground. She stopped in her tracks raised her hands and cupped them over her mouth. “Stop-Stop-Stop”, Louise screamed with all the air her lungs could produce. 
The figure stopped in its tracks. It turned around and walked towards Louise. Its sweater 2 or 3 sizes too big with the hood place just over the face so you could only see its mouth. It sat on the hood of her car. You could hear the huffing and puffing from its exhausted body.
The figure placed the hood on its shoulders. It looked up. “I'm so sorry” It said as it looked at the ground again. “What the heck Bertha why would you take my shoes-this is ridiculous”, “I’m sorry, I was just going to borrow them” “What-how were you going to borrow them.” “I was going to sell them, I know you always buy new shoes so i thought it wouldn't be a big deal, i'm just… broke” “Are you serious-get in the car”
“Steal my shoes my shoes for money” ,Louise said shaking her head, “If you're so broke that you luerd your sister out and then stole from her, just stay with me”. “Oh my gosh are you serious I would love to, thank you so much” Bertha said barely able to keep herself still. The car was silent the whole ride back. Louise’s window was open and you could feel the cold air rush into the car. And the sun beams warm up Louise’s arm. As Louise parked the car at her apartment you could hear the shoe box drop to the ground and slide. As Louise got out of the creaky old car she thought to herself, all because of one pair of shoes.

The author's comments:

I am a 8th grade student at Cayman International School. I hope that people fine it funny and entertaining. 

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