The long walk

March 23, 2017
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Walking down the dimly lit corridors, he felt worried, he felt cold, almost as if something was covering him in a blanket of freezing darkness. He thought the hallway would never end, as if he was staring into the abyss. The sounds of shoes squeaking as people planted their feet firmly on the black tile floor was consuming his ears. He began to slow as he approached the door he was once so excited to see, but now the realisation began to kick in and his blood ran cold. He held the doorknob tightly thinking of the outcomes awaiting him. He opened the door not knowing what truly was about to happen. The room he entered was bright, a metal table, two chairs on either side, a plant that was consumed with green. He pulled out the chair and sat down, his leather briefcase on his lap. He reached in and pulled out a piece of paper. Looking up with a stern facial expression he was greeted by the man on the opposite side of the table

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