March 20, 2017
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He didn’t think it’d be this way. This sick feeling seeping through his body. Staring down at his bright computer screen in the dark of his room. All the lights were out at this late hour. He could barely see the cause of his torment. The white letter on black keys, framed by the base of the laptop. Nothing would cross his mind, no matter how much he wanted it to.
‘ASFGHJKL’ he slammed his hand against the keyboard, watching as the random black letters appeared on the blank document.
“I know what I have to write, I just can’t do it,” he growled in frustration, pulling a hand through his hair to get it out of his eyes. Narrowing his eyes, he glared through the lenses of his round glasses. He pecked the backspace key a few times, removing the random lettering.
‘Once upon a time…’ The new words appeared as he tried to get any sort of prompt down.
“That's to basic,” He glared at the letters. Putting his hands on his desk, he pushed his chair backwards, ignoring the scraping noise it made against the wood. He stomped away from his desk, kicking open the door to his room. His eyes widened suddenly, scrambling to stop the door from smashing into the wall. “Mom would kill me if I woke her up,” he grumbled, heading down the hallway and down the stairs.
He pulled over a chair and climbed onto it, opening the cabinet over the sink. He grabbed a tea cup and carefully stepped off the stool. Shuffling over to the keurig machine, he placed the teacup below the spout, and pressed the button. He went back to the stool and climbed onto it again. Pulling a box out of the corner with a large label reading ‘JASON’S TEA DO NOT TOUCH!!’ Selecting a purple packet of darjeeling tea, he hopped off the stool once more.
He tore off the paper wrapping and threw it into the trash under the sink, before dropping the bag in the hot water. Leaning against the counter in the darkened kitchen, he bounced the tea bag to make it steep faster.
“What am I supposed to write?” He asked, staring down at the tea in hopes it would give him some sort of answer to this torturous question. “Its my own fault I waited so long to write this stupid story,” he sighed, dropping the tag of the tea so it rested along the outside of the cup.
From across the room a pair of green eyes were staring at him from under the couch. He turned around, moving to head back up the stairs when the eyes started to follow after him. In the back of his head he heard the slight click of it following after. He didn’t actually register the small thing until it dashed in front of his feet, causing him to trip into his door. The knob hit the wall and made a loud bang, and Jason could swear his heart was stuck in his throat.
He glared at the little black cat that was now sitting on his pillow. Giving him a smug look with its green eyes. Jason stood upright and stormed over to his desk. Plopping down behind the keyboard he angrily tapped out a few words.
‘Cats are the most lovable, evil creatures I have ever seen.’
“Well now I have a prompt. I just have to write the whole flipping story now,” he muttered. “Times new roman, twelve point font, double spaced,” he mocked to himself. Finally beginning to type out the story that was due before school the next morning. His eyes travelled over to the clock on the wall that declared it was 2:30 am in bright red letters. Sighing he got as comfortable as he could in the cheap plastic desk chair, and went back to typing.

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