A Letter To Him

March 20, 2017
By Ligaya18 BRONZE, Manila City, California
Ligaya18 BRONZE, Manila City, California
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Dear Rommel,


        The first time I saw you captivated me. I don't know why. As I stare at you at the Jeepney while you sat quietly I couldn't take my eys away from you. You're different and I don't know why. I remember the first time we talked. It was Friday evening our first Jamboree. At that moment I feel like I'm riding on a plane. I feel excitement and at the same time scared. I laugh many times as I talked to you, not because you're funny but because you don't talk too much and you seem to be shy. The two nights of camping was very unforgettable. As I look at your eyes I feel like i'm watching the nightsky. The way you talk and luagh it's like a lullaby to my ears. The way we shared at the same cup of noodles, the way pronounce my name is very cute and I really like it. I don't what is this feeling all about because all I knew is that your always running on my mind. And it's making me nervous. I don't know why I feel this kind of feeling but one thing is for sure, you're reminding me of someone.

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