First Day Triumphs

March 19, 2017
By , Newark, DE

Going to a new school isn’t easy for anyone. For willow it was especially going to be difficult, Willow had social anxiety. She was very shy and hated to be in the spotlight, but it was going to be hard to avoid it the first day.
Walking slowly up the steps to the doors of the school, she observed as much as she could. The school looked really modern with a lot of windows; there were picnic tables where kids could eat lunch, there really wasn’t that much grass it was mostly concrete. There were already a lot of kids outside the school which made willow nervous already, ‘it’s only 6:50 why are so many kids here already’ she thought.  She could feel a lot of stares but couldn’t hear anybody talking as she had her earbuds in with her music blasting. She kept walking, ignoring the stares as she looked for the office.
After a couple minutes of searching she finally found the main office, taking out her earbuds she finally talked,
“Excuse me, miss” she said quietly, not hearing her, the lady kept staring at the computer.
“Excuse me” she said a little louder so she could be heard.
“What do you need?” the lady asked a little rudely, willows face reddened and she got a little embarrassed
“Umm... I’m new here” she said quietly, she didn’t want to say to much as she thought she was bothering the lady. She saw the lady roll her eyes as she looked at the computer again, but Willow didn’t say anything
“Name?” the lady said more rudely now, seeming as if she was in a hurry.
“W-Willow Ford” Willow stuttered a little which embarrassed her more; she looked down so the lady couldn’t see her face redden,
“Here’s your schedule” the lady said as she dismissed willow. Putting her earbuds back in Willow looked at her schedule hoping no one would bother her and she could just find her classes alone ‘Please be a good first day, I really hope no one talks to me’ she thought.  Things didn’t seem to go her way as a girl came up to her
“You’re the new girl?” she said, Willow didn’t seem to notice or hear her so the girl lightly tapped her shoulder, Willow jumped slightly.
“What?” Willow asked quietly, she was starting to get more and more shy
“You’re new, I can show you around, my name’s Hannah” the girl said excitedly before she got a chance to say anything Hannah  took her schedule and started to show her  where her classes were.
After she saw where all her classes were, she made her way to her first class, history, while Hannah went to her own class.  Being a couple minutes late, she had to knock on the door, ‘this is not gunna be fun’ she thought while walking into the room slowly.
“Hello, I’m the new student, Willow”, she said, everybody was staring at her and she was starting to get a little freaked out.
“Ok, go have a seat wherever” the teacher seemed nice, Willow was happy that she didn’t have to talk about herself in front of the class. She saw an empty seat in the back and happily took it, as she walked back to her seat she got all kinds of looks from everybody. She kept her head down so she didn’t have to see the looks. As she sat down the person next to her looked at her,
“Hey, Willow right?” the girl said, Willow nodded “my name’s Shay” the girl said
“I like that name” Willow said, smiling ‘I’m glad some people are nice’ Willow thought
“Thanks, what class you have next?” Shay asked, while looking at the teacher to make sure they didn’t get caught talking.
“I have math” Willow said with a frown on her face, as math was her least favorite subject
“Cool, me too, we can walk there together.” Shay said excitedly. Willow nodded smiling; she turned to the teacher so she could focus on the rest of the lesson. When class ended, she got a little upset, she didn’t like math and she didn’t want to introduce herself again, but she got up anyways and walked to math with Shay. Things didn’t go her way again when the teacher made her stand up and introduce herself in front of the whole class, when she did that her face got really red and she got really embarrassed. After she did that, Willow sat down beside Shay and started talking to her not really caring about the lesson. 
“Do you wanna sit with me at lunch?” asked Shay, willow nodded, relieved she didn’t have to ask.
After math class ended, Willow got up happy that class was over and it was lunch time, the thing she wasn’t happy about, was having to be in the cafeteria with a lot of students. She walked with Shay to the cafeteria and got in line, while in the line, Hannah waved while smiling, and Willow smiled and waved back. After getting their food and sitting down, they talked a little, Willow was happy that she didn’t have to sit by herself, and that she didn’t have to ask to sit with someone. Her next class was biology, her favorite subject, and to her surprise Shay was in the class too. They walked in the class and took a seat, the teacher didn’t seem to care that she was new and just started the lesson. She didn’t really talk that much to shay, as she was focused in on the lesson. ‘This class is going to be really easy’ she thought to herself while doing a worksheet, as she finished the worksheet, shay looked at her surprised
“How are you finished already, I’m not even halfway done” Shay said, Willow laughed as she gave her paper to the teacher
“It was easy, do you need help?” Willow asked while smiling, Shay shook her head and focused on the paper again. The class went by quickly, and Willow didn’t have another class so she could go home early, this made her relieved and happy that she didn’t have to face more students. She said her goodbye to Shay and walked out of the same doors she nervously walked in this morning, happy that the day didn’t turn out as bad as she thought it would.

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