A First Dance

March 12, 2017
By AbbyStepaniants SILVER, Greenfield Township , Pennsylvania
AbbyStepaniants SILVER, Greenfield Township , Pennsylvania
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“So I’m thinking green crepe streamers along the walls and stage front.” Willow’s friend Nina, also president of the student council, was drawing ideas on her tablet, where a digital model of the gym was present.

“The large glitter shamrocks could be on the corners of the walls.” Willow traced a finger on the screen. “The medium ones in the middle and the small ones along the back wall.”
“We can hang the wreaths on the doors.” Nina suggested. 
“And the lights can be twisted into four-leafed clovers.” Willow said.
“Mrs. Kelly will love this.” Nina said confidently as the bus rolled ingot he fort of Summer High School. Nina and Willow leapt off and walked tot he gym. The doors were unlocked, allowing them in. Their biology teacher, Mrs. Kelly was sorting through decorations on the stage when she spotted the two girls.  
“Well hello ladies.” She called. “Did you make the design plans?”
“Right here.” Nina revealed the finished product of the gymnasium.
“Love it!” Mrs. Kelly sang. “The glitter shamrocks are in that bag  along the with the crepe streamers.
“Thanks Mrs. Kelly.” Willow said as she reached over to grab the decorations.

Ar  6:30, the guests arrived. Willow’s friends Leroy and Tyler arrived at that time, crushing the female in a hug. They all wore green flannel. 
“Flannel squad!” Nina, who also wore a green flannel, bear-hugged her friends. Together, arm over shoulder, the four made their way to the dance floor.
“Willow’s little sister Chloe arrived ten minutes later. She was a grade below Willow and had a small, actually huge crush on Willow’s classmate Alex, who was also at the dance. The problem was that Alex liked Willow. A lot. He approached her from behind and spooked her. Willow began coughing. Once the fit had passed, Willow turned around, a pizza slice on the plate she held.
“Alex.” She greeted. “Where’s Chloe?”
“I wanted to dance with you.” Alex said. Willow made a tch noise and wage her finger at Alex.
“Uh-Uh.” She said. “There is no way you are crushing my sister’s spirit. You are going to find her and dance with her. Not me. I got Tyler.” As if on cue, Tyler walked up, a lollipop in his mouth.
“Macarena is playing.” He informed as the Spanish-English lyrics began playing. Willow threw out her now empty plate and followed Tyler to dance.

At 7:45, Chloe stormed out go the gym, snatching her purse wit her. lex ran after her and Willow tailed them, stopping t the doorway. Leroy, Tyler and Nina rushed up.
“Where’s Chloe going?” Willow demanded.
“We don’t know.Someone said it was Maverick’s fault.” Tyler replied.
Maverick was the school’s biggest prankster. He loved pulling practical jokes of all kinds. But Chloe wash’t amused by any of his jokes. Had he done something to Chloe…
Willow jogged in her sister’s direction with Tyler and Nina right behind her. Alex was leaning against the wall, pointing to the girl’s bathroom. Willow whipped the door open and ran in, Nina next to her and Tyler at the open doorway.
“Chloe, what happened?” Willow asked, seeing her sister leaning heavily against the sink.
“Was it Mav?” Nina asked.  
“No, it was Alex!” Chloe cried out.
Willow stared at her sister. “What?” She asked.
“He promised to dance with me. But he got into a smack fight with Mav. I asked him to dance and he said no.” Chloe’s voice was breaking. Before anyone could respond, Leroy dashed ingot he bathroom, not caring about genders at they moment.  “Ramon is about to fight Mav!” He exclaimed. Willow’s heart stopped. Ramon was her’s and Chloe’s cousin. He was very protective and was willing to do anything if it meant protecting his family. Willow grabbed Chloe by the hand and dashed out to stop Ramon. No way was she going to ruin this almost perfect night.

After Ramon had been filled in, Willow decided to buy Chloe a cupcake at the food stand. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Leroy an Tyler telling Alex off. Even though her favorite songs were playing, Willow couldn’t shake off her guilt. She excused herself from her friends to approach the moping boy.
“I don’t care what happened.” Willow started, catching Alex’s attention. “But you are going to fix this mess and dance with my sister. Or Ramon will hear about this. And you know how he gets when someone hurts his family.” Alex knew there was no point in arguing. He stood up and approached Chloe.

By the end the dance, Willow noticed Chloe and Alex dancing side by side. Tyler nudge her.
“You did good.” He said, handing her a lollipop. Willow accepted with a smile and unwrapped it.
“Happy to help at this lucky dance.” Willow said. Tyler laughed. He unwrapped his own sweet treat and they cheered lollipops before joining the dancing frenzy. 

The author's comments:

Willow has never been to a school dance. She’s been too focused on her studies and trying to get into her dream high school. Now that she has been accepted, Willow has allowed herself to relax a little. As vice president of the student council, it’s part of her duty to prepare for upcoming events. And it was just her luck; St. Patrick’s Day was coming up.

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