Silence is Fear

March 16, 2017
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In Yeux’s old home silence was a blessing. It gave a break from the constant commotion of drug deals that his parents did with random strangers. However, when he was taken in, silence became a fear of the unknown. When Yeux was taken they placed him in a white room. It reeked of bleach and the starch white paint was slightly blinding by the light. Yeux would be kept in that room for countless hours until his ‘mother’ (who was just an employee) came to get him.

From there, she always led him to the room. It was a dimly lit, most of the light coming from the big window in the middle of the ceiling. In the center of the room was a lone bed with four metal cuffs attached. Yeux’s mother helped him into the bed before binding his hands and feet.
“He is ready.” She called to seemingly no one. Out of the dark corners of the room four scientists emerged. Their faces covered in masks. Their hands and body covered in white gloves and a coat. His mother left and returned with a tray, it contained silver metal surgery instruments. Their sharp points glinting in the light of the moon. Yeux looked upon them fearfully.
“I’m scared, who are they mommy?”
HIs mother smiled at him, “Relax, they’re just doctors, they won’t hurt you.” She told him, before she took her leave. The metal door clanged shut behind her, leaving Yeux alone with the doctors. One of them, took a needle off the tray and jabbed it into his forearm. The limb immediately went numb, and the rest of his body followed suit, before the drug put his brain to sleep as well.
When he awoke, he was alone again. He was still strapped to the bed, and it was still nighttime. The room was dead silent, too silent, and he could smell the strong scent of cleaning agents. However, Yeux didn’t feel right, something was off. The acidic smell of the cleaning supplies instead of being one unison smell was divided into individual sharp and pungent scents. He shook his head, in an attempt to get rid of the feeling to no avail. Each time he took a breath the scent burned his nostrils.
The smell drove Yeux crazy, but the silence was worse. His ears strained to pick up any sound at all. The silent ticking of  the clock, the creaking metal pipes, even the gentle hum of the heating system. Nothing was there, it was as if this room and him were completely sealed off from the world. Yeux hated it, he feared it. The silence was too eerie. It was as if it was foreshadowing some terrible fate for him. Yeux struggled against the cuffs, to his surprise, the metal let out a dangerous creak, as if it was about to break. That was something he wasn’t capable of doing before. He yanked at them again hoping to break them and make a run for the door. The metal creaked the same as before but nothing more.
Disappointed, Yeux tried again and again. After a while he didn’t keep trying on the hope that he would be free, but rather he used it as something to break the silence. Yeux didn’t know how long he went like that until finally someone entered the room again. It was his mother, smiling at him just as she usually did.
“You’ve been a good boy. It’s time to go home.” Her fingers tapped against the tablet she held and the cuffs released him. Yeux looked at his wrists, they were covered in dried blood from his fighting against the restraints. “Did you hurt yourself? It’s okay, I’ll get you all bandaged up.” She took his hand and took him to the white room room. She dabbed the wound with disinfectant before gently wrapping his small five year old wrists. His white bed was then rolled into the room and Yeux drifted off to sleep as soon as his head touched the pillow.
It wasn’t until later when Yeux found out his body was surgically enhanced. When he was fully grown he would be five times stronger than the average human. Ten years after the surgery the CIA released him back into society as an agent. His ‘mother’ and newly acquired ‘father’ moved into a neighborhood not far from the CIA headquarters, where he  started high school as a freshman. His first mission, spy on Nickel Jefferson, or otherwise known as the Occurrence.

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