I Will Wait for You

March 15, 2017
By GKoh11 PLATINUM, Broomall, Pennsylvania
GKoh11 PLATINUM, Broomall, Pennsylvania
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A little girl was waiting in the apartment for her parents to return back from work. She played with her favorite doll trying to pass the time, but she kept wondering when her parents will come to her and lift her up high to the sky like an airplane. She tried rolling around to pass the time, but she could only do it for 15 seconds.
Then, all of a sudden, boom! The girl flinched at the sound. The earth was shaking, but it wasn’t an earthquake. After the sound, she heard sirens wailing in the distance. She was confused, very confused. She felt the ground shake and heard a sound resembling fireworks, but it was not earthquakes nor the beautiful light shows. She came up to the window to see what was happening, but it was a fatal mistake. Boom! The girl got thrown back from the blast with glass exploding besides her. Luckily, she covered her face before any glass shards could try to bite her tender face. Instead, the pieces of glass reluctantly bit her hands.
The girl screamed in agony from the cuts and grabbed her doll in comfort. ‘Will everything be okay?’ she thought to herself. Luckily, the bomb did not collapse the building. Only the glass broke and a few huge chunks of the apartment fell to the ground. She managed to go down the stairs and out of the unstable apartment without getting killed. Then, she sat on a broken piece of it with a doll in her hand. She waited for her parents to come back. She waited for them to tell her what a big girl she was. She waited for them to so she could them that she was scared. She waited for them to comfort her. However, nobody noticed her because the firefighters and police were busy with the other damaged buildings. Then, luck ran away from her side. The apartment crumbled from the damaged, weak structure, and it fell right on the little girl. Rubble fell on top of her and she felt like a pancake getting squished. Every breath she took in was painful. All she could see was darkness, no light to comfort. She wanted all the pain to end. She missed her parents, so she pretended that her doll was them. “Mom, Dad, it hurts,” she said in a raspy voice. She was able to give the doll a hug and a sweet kiss before closing her eyes with a tear streaking down her cheek.

“Found someone!” a firefighter shouted. The firefighter cleared away the rubble to find the girl holding dearly onto her doll. The girl had cuts all over her face, legs, arms, and hands. Her hair was disheveled, and her face was covered in soot and dust. He took the girl to the couple who was trying to find their daughter.
“Is this girl your daughter?”
“Yes, she is!” the woman said in a trembling and excited voice to find her daughter.
The firefighter checked her pulse, but he shook his head. The woman tried to hold back her tears but could not. The woman buried her face onto her husband’s shoulder. The poor girl who waited for her parents instead could only be comforted by her doll before ending all of her aching, throbbing, and torture. Hopefully, the girl is happy in heaven with her doll in a field of flowers with someone lifting her high up in the sky like an airplane.

The author's comments:

My creative writing teacher showed me a photo and told me to write a story just from looking at it. 

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