A Rocky Climb

March 15, 2017

Stepping onto the pathway, I saw that the journey was going to be exciting and mysterious.  Looking both ways, I saw trees and small, yet beautiful hills of stone, some of which water flowed from.  Continuing down the trail, I found myself going from bridge to bridge, stone tower to stone tower, all the while being amazed by the scenery before me.  I could see the city from where I was, but I knew that the climb wasn’t over yet.  Going into another short and dark cave, I emerged on the other side, only to see a fork in the road.  Each path led to a bridge.  Both of the bridges would take me to the same place, but which trial did I dare take?  Did I desire to cross the sturdy bridge of stone, or would I test my bravery on the swinging bridge over the mouth that was the valley below?  I chose the swinging arc of wood for the excitement it had to offer, and I wasn’t disappointed from the adrenaline rush I felt going on it.  I’ll admit that it was quite frightening at first, but I made it in the end.  Just after the bridge was the sight I saw that I won’t forget soon, the literal peaking point of the journey.  In the distance were seven states of America for all to see.  The vast cities stretching out into the horizon were definitely a sight to behold.  The forest down below us looked wonderful too, the trees as green as could be.  Alas, the time came for me to depart and go home though, for there’s a family waiting for me.  Descending the trail now, it looks like I’m near the end, when I step into a dark cave full of luminescent lights that point to old folklore and fairytales.  I am quite intrigued by these stories, some of which I even remember already.  The depictions and figurines are so realistic, it almost feels like I’m actually there.  I take some time to marvel the place for a while before leaving the cave, and finally making it out.  There is only one place left for me to pass through now before I can begin the journey back home: the gift shop.  Maybe I’ll get a few magnets, or maybe a book.  Perhaps I should get a plushy.  No matter; all that really does matter is that I’ve just had a great time at See Rock City!

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