The Neverending Day

March 14, 2017
By torja21 BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
torja21 BRONZE, Monticello, Illinois
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All I did was ask a stupid question, and my whole world came crashing down. The roar of the class laughing filled the room. Right after I asked that I knew it had not come out how I would have liked it to. In the few seconds I had to try to recover, not one word came out. I never knew that one minute could feel so long. The teacher started to shout, and the eyes of the class burned holes in my skin. Words continued to spout out of her mouth, but the only thing that I heard was,”GO TO THE OFFICE RIGHT NOW!”
My insides melted. I froze; my mind was trying to play it over because I didn’t know if I really heard it or not. Gears turned. It was only first hour and my day had already started not very well. I was in a blank stare. Now, the teacher raised her voice even more and repeated herself,”GO TO THE OFFICE RIGHT NOW!”
She slammed a book on her desk and started charging at me. When she got over to my desk, she just waited. She shot a you-better-do-what-I-say-right-now -or-you-don’t-know-what's-going-to-happen look. I could see the steam coming out of her ears.  These three minutes were the longest in my whole entire life. I slowly stood up from my desk, and when I got out of the room, I ran as fast as a cheetah to the office. Now the tears started running out like a waterfall. I was still in shock, and I could only remember a few things, but I stepped into the office anyway. I asked,”Is the principal in her office- I need to talk to her?”
The secretary, in a nice sweet voice, said,”Yes just go right in.”
I had no idea what was going to happen next; I had no clue if she would be mad or if I would not get in trouble. This was a Friday ,so everyone was in a good mood except me and that mean old teacher. I sat down right in front of her. Her face, as bright as the sun, was waiting for me to start talking. My voice started to crackle. Only one word came out at a time. “I-I-ju-just-ask-asked-a-ques-question-and- then-then-it-all-ll-wen-ent-dow-down-from-om-ther-there,” I said.
The principal handed me a tissue and in a nice sweet voice said,”Take deep breaths, it will be okay.”
Then the water works stopped, and I gathered myself. “Now tell me again,” she said.
“I just asked-ed a question and it all went-ent down from there.”
We finished our conversation, and she told me,”I am going to go talk to your teacher and see what she heard and just talk to her about it.”
I sat down in the soft chair in the corner. I gathered myself back up, and the bell rang. I walked out of the office, and now it was time to go to lunch. My class was called, so I grabbed my tray and sat alone at the end of a table. Even though it all had happened and it was all done; I still couldn’t believe that it had happened. I was finishing up when I noticed people walking up to the table that I was sitting at. They told me,”What are you doing running to the office with tears spewing out of your eyes, like a babyyyyy.”

Lunch was over, and I still wasn’t ready to go back to class, so I walked into her office and sat in that soft, red chair. I didn’t want to go back to class because I was still in that class, and I wasn’t going to go through what she was going to tell me. The bell rang once again, and I musted up enough courage to go to my next class. As I walked down the hall, the lockers laughed and talked to me like I was a little kid. Cowardly walking into the classroom, my classmates gave me that only-babies-run-down-the-hall-crying look. I just kept digging deeper and deeper into myself knowing I was so embarrassed. The last hour of the day felt like the longest one ever. I peaked over to the clock and it said the it was three o’clock. I knew there was only five more minutes, and if I could get through the last couple of minutes I could get through anything.
The bell rang, and my classmates started to file out of the room. I followed as I do every day, but on the way to my locker I stopped in the teacher’s room. Walking slowly up to her desk a slow apology rolled off my tongue. She looked up at me with a smile and said,”After I thought about it for awhile I realized that my reaction was alittle too much.”
I walked out of the room and a tiny smile appeared on my face. This day turned out better that I thought.

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