Some Kind of Happy

March 10, 2017
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I stumble backwards as attempt to yank the rope from my brothers grasp. I continue to tug and give him my meanest fiercest growl I can muster. Our mother lays in the corner of our little pen watching over me and my 7 siblings. It's sunny and warm and the smell of grass and outside makes me so happy I don't know how to contain myself. I plant my paws firmly in the ground and using all my weight  give the biggest tug I can. I fall on my butt. The rope is free. I turn and run as fast as I can, jumping over and pushing through my brothers and sisters. I look back to see if he's on my tail, but before I realize what's in front of my I'm flat on my back.

          This thing that wasn't there before is suddenly in my way. It knocked me over. I clumsily collect myself and look up at the obstruction. It's the tiniest human I've ever seen. Wide eyed I stared up at him. He reaches down and his tiny hands grasp me under my front two legs. Hanging in his arms he gives me the biggest hug a human has ever given me before. He squeezes me tight and buries his face into my furry neck. I feel some kind of happy I have never felt. It makes me feel warm and comfy and safe and so many things I don't know how to describe. He carries me out of my pen and whispers to me, “I love you Puppy you are coming to live with me.” I lick his face and I think he knows I love him too.

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