March 8, 2017
By , olympia, WA

‘She’ looked down slowly drawing the blade against the bottom of ‘her’ wrist. The blood slowly rising to the surface of ‘her’ skin. Small red dots joining together to form a river of blood flowing across ‘her’ skin. Drops of blood hit the bathroom floor. ‘She’ let the blade run across ‘her’ skin leaving marks that could never be erased. One mark for everything ‘she’ thought was wrong with ‘her’. Broken, not the kid ‘her’ parents wanted, disappointment, not good enough. One cut for everything that made ‘her’... imperfect. ‘She’ made one last mark because ‘her’ secret had been bottled up for so long. ‘She’ felt herself getting dizzy. The ground was slowly coming closer and everything was growing dark. ‘She’ collapsed on the floor, completely limp.

‘Her’ mom heard ‘her’ body hit the floor. “Ashley?” her mom ran up the stairs. “Ashley is everything okay?”. ‘Her’ mom opened the door to see her only child’s body on the floor free of any sign of life. She fell next to her ‘daughter’ her tears mixing with the blood seeping out of ‘Ashley’s’ wrist. The tears made clear spots in the chaos of the blood.

2 years later ‘her’ best friend is depressed because the person she loved most in the world is gone. ‘Her’ parents are filing a divorce because the glue that was holding their family together is gone, ‘Her’ girlfriend, that she hid from her parents for 2 years, is heartbroken. She spends all her time in her room thinking of what she could have done to prevent ‘Ashley’s’ death. All of these events occurred because ‘Ashley thought that no one would except that HE wanted to be called Asher.

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Batacant said...
Mar. 23 at 8:38 pm
This is so amazing. Very well written.
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