March 6, 2017
By , Ionia, MI

My blue freezing  arms finally had enough strength to pull myself up out of the ground. As soon as I got onto land my mind was overwhelmed with thoughts. I laid on the ground with the sun beating on me I just hoping this would all be over.
I grabbed my running shoes and shut my house door behind me. Finally I started heading toward the  woods down the road from my house. When I got to the woods I started my slow run like I do everyday. I kept hearing “crack, crack, crack” I just kept running telling myself it was the trees. But I knew it wasn’t the trees because all of the leafs were off the tree because of the cold weather. Then I started running faster and faster. I could not feel anything on my body everything was froze.
I look down and the next thing I know I was on the colorful leafs that have been on the ground for weeks. I shoot up from the ground as fast as I could I look back and that’s when my heart actually drop to the ground. After that I saw a tall man dressed in all black running right behind me. My legs couldn't hold my weight before when I was just running now my legs felt like they were slowly bending more and more. Then I felt a huge pull on my sweat shirt. There he was holding on to me so high I had to stand on my tip toes so I wasn't hanging from his huge hands. I started kicking and hitting him, I knew I wasn't going to make him stop. As fast as I could I unzipped my jacket as fast as I could and took off running, I didn't even get a inch away from him before he almost ripped my arm off. When I looked into his eyes I knew he looked familiar but I had no clue if I really did know him. It slow got more and more dark
My eyes slowly opened as I was yawning. Ones my eyes were fully opened I jump up off from the cold hard ground. Realizing that I wasn't in my own safe bed. I could not remember anything after the huge guy grabbed me. I tried looking around the room all I could see was black I couldn't even see my own hand. I started to try and find a wall, when I found one I discovered that I wasn't in a room I was underground somewhere. As soon as I touched the wall the dirt fell to the ground. There was no sight of light anywhere. I looked around the tiny space to find anything but their was nothing just dirt. I jumped as high as I could to see if I could touch the top my freezing finger tip slightly slide past the dirt making it fall right into my eyes. I landed back on the ground and I felt something in my shoe I immediately took my shoe off. That's when I remembered that I put my phone in my shoe when I left my house that morning. I pressed the power button to turn it on. Then it turned on it was the best thing that i had seen all day. But then i looked at it and the battery was at one persent as fast as I could I unlocked it and typed in 9-1 and then my phone went black, the only thing that could help me get out of the ground died.

¨Was anyone looking for me? Did anyone even know I has missing?¨I laid on the ground starting to cry.
I realized that doing nothing wasn't going to help me get out of the ground. I knew I had to somehow dig up and then I would be out but there was no why I could reach the top. I started thinking and then I started getting the dirt from the walls  to make the ground higher. I keep doing that until I could reach the top. When I started digging at the top all I could think was what is it going to be like when I get out from here and will I get out of here. I grabbed a big piece of dirt and threw it on the ground when I went to grab the next piece i could see light. I was so great it felt like it had been week since the last time I saw light but I had no clue how long it had been. I slowly grabbed the next piece. 
When I had a big enough circle my blue freezing arms finally had enough strength to pull myself up out of the ground. As soon as I got onto the ground my mind was overwhelmed with thoughts. I laid on the ground with the sun beating on me just hoping this would all be over. I slowly stood up looking around. I was in the middle of a field that was surrounded by huge trees. Not the same woods I was running in either. I started walk while looking around to make sure no one was near me. When I was walking it felt like the woods was never going to end. My body was covered in dirt. The dirt that encapsulated my body. The dirt that was my tomb for such a long time. I think back on all that has happened and am totally amazed. Since that has  happened I am more aware of my surroundings when I am out by myself and know that what happened.

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