The Vacation

March 6, 2017
By , Lyons, MI

 It was around 5:30 in the afternoon,I was in California with my best friend Hailey. It was the first day of summer vacation and we were ready to have fun. We were both 18. I was older by one day though, her birthday was on September 11th and mine was on September 10th. We went to have fun, swim, surf and tan, we didn't expect any of this.

We rented a red jeep and we were going down the flat road road listening to our favorite song and then all of the sudden the music stopped, Hailey looked at me while laughing and said,
¨Hey! Why did you do that?!¨
I looked at her, laughed and said,
¨I didn't do it.¨
When we finally stopped laughing we looked around and seen that nobody was driving, there were cars, with people in them, but they weren't driving. They were just sitting there, We got out of  We got a little creeped out honestly, so we got into our jeep and went back to the hotel. When we got there we turned on the T.V. to see if anything was on the news, no signal, we found a small radio in the closet and turned it on.
“If you are in California or anywhere near Kentuc…get out...there has been a...virus...pack little...keep the...on cars closed…the wind...down when it….if you a can hear soon a possible...”
I looked at Hailey with fright and disbelief and said,
“There is no way”
As we looked at eachother for a few seconds we jumped grabbed our suitcases and ran to the car. At first we tried to call home and tell our parents. We grabbed the cellphone and swiped our finger gingerly across the smooth glass screen. Pressing the app that was green with a picture of a phone on it the key pad came into view. My fingers punched the appropriate keys for the ringing of the number.
The phone call clock came up but the numbers stayed zeroes. We waited and waited and waited, but it never changed. No signal- in panic we put the car in drive and went as fast as we could. Being the worrier I am, started crying, Hailey looked at me and like always tried to make me laugh,
“Hey don't cry, everything is going to be just fine, we are going to get out of here faster than you think. Look the highway is right there, we are going to get on the highway and head straight home, far away from here.”
When we got onto the highway it was clear and everything was going good, I looked at and started to say
“I think we’re going to make it!” Hailey looked at me with a big smile and said,
“See I told you, everything is going to be fi…” We spoke to soon, there were cars lined up on all sides of the double sided road, there was no way we could get passed them, not even in between them, we had to go on foot.
We grabbed everything in the back of the jeep and ran. It was hard to run with a suitcase rolling on the ground behind you, so we looked around in other people’s cars for backpacks, we split up, Hailey took the right side of the road and I took the left. As I was looking through the windows I seen something I really wished I didn’t see. It was a baby, two to be exact, and the virus hadn’t gotten them, just the parents. I yelled to Hailey, and she came running over really fast, I don’t think she was expecting this.
“Did you find something?” I hesitated to say it but I did anyways, slowly I said
“Well I definitely found something” Hailey looked into the car and and I could tell she wanted to cry,
“We can’t take them Hannah.” I looked at Hailey with rage and sadness 
“They are crying Hailey!”
Hailey looked at me and then the babies, and then said
“ugh, just break the window.”
As we slowly tapped the glass with a rock to crack it so not a lot of glass go on the babies, we finally broke the glass. Hailey grabbed the baby boy and I grabbed the baby girl, we looked for supplies for the babies, we found backpacks, so we laid the babies down in the seats and started to put our things into the bags, then we found baby formula, warm clothing and bottles of water. We took three bottles each, and we also each took seven bottles of water. (there was a lot of room in those bags.) as we kept searching for other things we found out that the little girl’s name was Aubree and the little boy’s name was Jackson. As we got the things we needed into the bags we realized that it was going to be hard to carry the babies as we are running and getting down, so we took our scarfs out of our bags and wrapped them around our waists and around the babies. Now that we had them settled we had to move, and fast. We thought that once we got to the beginning of the highway we could get into the first car that didn’t have another car in front of it, we knew that would be a while but we just kept our heads up and kept moving. After about 2 hours between feeding and changing each baby, we seen the first car, our spirits lifted and we wanted to scream, we ran to the car and got in it, I went to start the car and it didn’t start, I turned the key so the dash would light up and there it was, no fuel, just our luck. I looked at Hailey and tried not to yell
“See this always happens to us, our luck is horrible! Why did this have to happen to us!?”
Hailey looked at me and sighed
“I don’t know Hannah, I know this sucks but we have to keep moving, imagine the story we can tell when we get home, we could become famous Hannah.”
I knew we couldn’t become famous but for the baby’s sake, I said “Yeah, you’re right, let’s go.”
Hailey was all I ever needed, she was definitely my rock.
As we kept walking, we were talking about how we were going to get out of here as fast as possible, we decided to look for another car. Not a moment too soon there it was, a black chevy malibu, we ran once again got into the car, started it and sure enough it started, and we drove out of there, we didn’t stop till we needed gas, best thing ever was that we didn’t have to pay for gas! We got a full tank of gas and got out of there. But there was one problem, how do we get out of there if we didn’t know how to get out of there, we used our GPS to get here, but now there was no service so we couldn’t use our phones at all, we pulled over on the side of the highway and thought for a minute, then I had it,
“Hailey, a rest area, they always have maps, we could find one of those!”
Hailey’s face lit up and said
“Well what are we waiting for then! Let’s go!”
I put the car in drive and sped away, and after 30 minutes there it was, a rest area, we pulled in and looked at the map and looked for our way home, once we found it we were on our way home.
Hailey and I are neighbors, so as I pulled into my driveway, I barely stopped the car and threw it in park, jumped out of the car and ran to the house to see my mom and dad, then Hailey yelled for me,
“Hannah!” I turned and looked “The babies?!”
I had forgotten about them, I grabbed Aubree and she grabbed Jackson then we both ran to the doors of our houses, as I opened the door I seen my mom and dad sitting at the kitchen table, I knew that they knew about the virus, they looked at me, jumped and ran to me and hugged me, then my mom looked at me and said
“Where did this baby come from?”
I looked at my mom and said
“It’s a long story that I don’t want to explain right now.”
Then Hailey and her parents came over and we told the whole story to them about our what was supposed to be a great vacation, but became a survival game.
Now I live in my own house not far from my parents with my husband and Aubree. Hailey lives with her husband and Jackson not far from me. And still to this day we still talk about the adventure that we had that day.

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