One Wish

March 6, 2017
By , Belding, MI

I am not what you would think of as being  normal. I get it, normal people don't look different, well as different as I look at least. My name is Kase Ramond and I get made fun of because I am deformed. All I ever wanted was to be seen as someone normal. My parents say I'm normal but I know that's just them protecting me from my own thoughts. I am in sixth grade at Pearlberry Middle School and everyday I get picked on by “the cool kids”. If I had one wish, it would be to look normal. 
Everyday I will try to hide myself in public. When I am in public I will look down wherever I go or keep a hoodie on, but I know my face still reveals. Kids at school call me names that nobody would want to hear. I try to ignore them and I am actually getting quite used to it. Once I get home I would go to my room and cry, now it's turning into bawling constantly. Sometimes I don't get how kids could be so cruel. There is a slight urge inside of me that wants to tell someone, but I know that it would just make it worse.
The next day on my way to school my dad's car broke down. I got out of the car and saw something shining in the bushes. I walked closer and saw that it was a bottle. Not just any bottle, but a magic bottle. I opened it and a genie popped out. The genie told me that I had one wish. You probably think that I said I wanted to look normal, but what I really said was I just wanted all the bullying to stop. I didn't say I wanted to look normal because I don't want to change who I am. My looks are one of my rare personality traits. It's what makes me.
Once I got to school I noticed that it actually worked. Everyone was noticing me as someone normal for once. Obviously they noticed my looks, but that didn't matter to anyone. Finally, I can actually feel free and not need to worry if someone will come up and bother me. I just feel lousy now since I only thought about myself. I mean obviously im happy, but what about everybody else?
Ever since I found the bottle I have asked myself “Why me? Why was I the lucky one?”
I just don't know how to answer the question.  There wasn't anything I did to deserve this. There are many more people than just me that are bullied every day worse than I am. It just doesn't make sense.
What I have realized from this experience is that looks don't matter on a person because your looks are one of your many traits that make you, you.  If you get a chance like I did don't change a single thing about you. No matter how frustrated or angry you are, just remember, you are what makes you.

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