Exucution Day

March 6, 2017
By hewetale BRONZE, Muir, Michigan
hewetale BRONZE, Muir, Michigan
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“Come on, hurry they are gaining on us!” my brother, Hawk yelled over the sound of gunfire as we ran out of the museum. “Just a little farther and we will be rich!” Just the problem was my bag was way too heavy with all the stolen artifacts in it. We had both just made it to the door when I was struck on the head from behind making me fall face first onto the cement. Everything went black.

It was quiet. Too quiet. And that only meant one thing... it’s my turn. The day that everyone that has been convicted of a crime as big as mine fears… Execution day. A few minutes later, I heard footsteps and men talking about something in foreign, but their hushed voices scared me. I recognized their voices from about a earlier when they stopped by my cell to take away my brother, were I then learned from another guard that he escaped right before he would have kicked the bucket. Now it was my turn…

Hawk and I both knew right when we were brought here what was going to happen to us, so we came up with an escape plan. It was halfway complete. And now that I have to go right after he escaped, I might not escape. What was supposed to happen was whoever went first would get away somehow, then come back that night and get the other. Just it is not night yet, and he will not come back before then...so I have to do this on my own.
Being alone in this dark, cold cell gave me time to think about what I could do to get away. Should I try the same thing that he did to get away? Maybe I could try and outsmart them? Or should I just try and leg it as soon as those doors open? After thinking all my ideas through, I just could not come up with any other way...except for just flat out winging it. It has helped me out in the past, so why shouldn’t it work out now.

“You had better not try and do what your brother did, we have this place surrounded with hundreds of men, and if we don’t kill you in here, they will get you outside”, the policeman that came and got my brother earlier said.
“And don’t think that your brother can come and save you either. I shot him right as he hopped that fence. We know that he is not dead because it was just his leg, but he might not be able to run over and save you before you get executed or he gets shot again.”
This escape was going to be difficult.
So now that I am out of my cell, in the open where I could maybe find myself a way out of this. This guard really wasn’t kidding, there was literally hundreds of guards here, and  there seemed to be more and more that farther out I look. I remembered right then that my brother told me that he would go down into the sewage system under the station, and that was how he would come get me. But how could we do that with this many people with guns around? How would I get his attention? Before I could even think of a way to see if he was there, a little part of a gun emerged from under one of the sewage lids on the ground right under beside me. You not have known anyone as there until it shot at one of the guards, and disappeared back into the hole. Everyone went crazy and was trying to find out who shot him.
“Who ever just shot him there, you might have to get your head chopped off too!” yelled the same guy who had been pushing me this whole time.
Just like that last time, it emerged and shot again and the same result happened. Just this time, instead of taking me to the execution place, they took me back to my cell. Now it will be a little easier to escape. But how will I? I mean, at least no one can see me, but now there is literally nothing that I can do but wait. Wait for him to come and get me, or for the right opportunity.
After about an hour in the cell, I realized that he was not coming for me, and that now that he did his part, it was time for me to do mine.

Well, there is a little vent in the top corner of the cell, but being problematic to get to. So that will have to be my way to get out.
“How can I climb out”, I whispered to myself as I sat there in the middle of the cell.
There is nothing in this room but two cots and a little toilet in the other corner of the room. I thought that maybe I can stack the two beds and climb up on top of those, but it was no use. I figured that out after about five minutes of trying to just move one of them. They were screwed to the floor. Maybe I could climb up on the littles punters in the walls that are starting to rot away. So I climbed on top of the toilet, put my hand inside of one of the holes, then found another one and fell of the toilet and hung there. I then lifted my right arm to try and find another one, and I did. So I continued this process until I got up to the vent. And right as I got my hopes up and went to open it, I realized that it was bolted shut, and that there was no way I could open it without any tools. Deflated, I just let myself down and layed down on my cot.
“I don’t know where he went, but we think he fled over that mountain. We searched the whole sewer system and saw nothing”, called one of the guards.
“A lot of them died though so now he have nobody here. We will have to make it quick, and the only way to do that is go get him and let’s just end all this!”
Right after he said that the cell doors opened and I knew that there were still enough that I still had a close to zero percent chance of escaping, and that my brother was not coming back for a while. So I would have to do this myself.
“I’m not getting up, so you have to come get me”, I told the guard.
“And don’t think that I will if you point your gun at me because it will not work”.
“Oh, don’t worry about me shooting you. They wouldn’t let me. But I will come and get you if you don’t get up, and you will NOT want that. And if I can not get you up for whatever reason, I could hit you with this gun right here and knock you out so you will come with me.”
Instead of getting up, I just stayed there ignoring him, hoping that he would come over here so I could maybe, just maybe have a chance at getting his gun or something. And it worked, we finally got the impression that I would not get up.
“Okay, you won’t like this but I have to do it,” we told me, and then started charging towards me with a horrendous war cry.
But I just laid there until the exact last moment and rolled of the side of the cot and he dove over the cot and hit the wall so hard that not only was he knocked out cold, but the rock on the wall where he hit fell away onto his head.
“Wow, I can’t believe that worked,” I told myself.
So I took out his gun, ammunition, and everything else he had in his belt. Now that I was armed, I felt like that I would have a chance at getting away.
“‘Hey, what's taking you so long… oh my god, guys. He has killed one of our men and taken’ all of his arms,” yelled one of the other guards.
Now I was standing in the back of the room and they were all standing in front of the doors, my only way out.
“Everyone get out of the way before I shoot ya”, I commanded them in a surprisingly firm, confident voice.
Considering as soon as I had gotten the gun, I realized that it was not loaded and the ammo I took was just empty shells. As a matter of fact, none of it worked.
“Sorry to break it to ya, but we have you outnumbered nine to one, and on my command we could all shoot you before you could get of one shot. And if we have to shoot you, we will not kill you but we will let you bleed out on the floor but not allow you to get up.”
“There’s no way out but death my friend. And you could either leave this world with nine bullets in you, or just getting it done nice and fast out there.”
But instead of answering, I just waited, waited for an opening that would most likely not going to happen until there was a distraction somewhere where they would turn their attention to that for enough time I could do something.
There was no opening. We just stood there looking at each other for between one and two minutes before I came up with a plan. I honestly did not think that it would work at all, but it was worth a shot.
“Okay look, you guys win okay, I’ll come out there in just a minute. But can I just have a minute to get ready...please. It’s my last and only request” I asked quietly, tossing the gun forward out of my reach. Acting as if I were ready to just give up.
“Okay good, you made the right choice kid, we will call you out in about ten minutes when we are done getting it ready,” he told me and then they all turned their backs and walked away.
Wow, these guys are really were bad at their jobs, or at least more than I thought they would be. I mean, they just walked away to go get it set up and had no one watching me. And they were guarding one of the most wanted criminals ever. But to be safe I just sat there for a few minutes, got up, and started to creep my way towards the door. I looked to my right and left before I left the cell, but I didn't move, I just looked at the guards paying more attention to getting something that would get it over with than to make sure I don't escape before and they all get fired. Because of their lack of responsibility, I just started to sneak my way towards the main entry. Once I got there, I realized that the entrance had a lock on it, I that I could not break unless I had a tool, like a hammer, a big hammer, or just a pick to pick the lock. The only problem was that I had no time to look for anything because, based on the wailing sirens, the guards noticed that I was gone.
“WE NEED TO FIND HIM!” I heard over the intercom system.
Those last few words gave me hope because where would the help come in? The front entry, and they were in a hurry so there was no way that they would close the gates. But I needed somewhere to hide. Those bushes over there? No. Behind that tree? No.  In the tree? Nope. While I was looking around frantically I saw a window, or at least were a window use to be and told myself I might just make it out alive.
“I’ll shoot you without even thinking about it,” was what I heard in a voice that sounded like my brothers, as I tried to find somewhere to hide in case they came in to look for me.
“Don’t shoot it’s me!” I told the voice that sure enough was my brother.
“Nice of you to show up, I thought I would have to run out there during this mess to find you.”, he told me. “Come on, theres a way out right over here.” It was the sewer system he had used earlier to shoot and distract the guards.
“So this is where you escaped to? Nice but I thought you were dead. I mean, that’s what the guards told me”, I said as he opened the lid to jump down. It smelled like a whole school of fish died then died again, but the good news was that we would not have to be down here for too  long.
“Okay well, he missed. He was just trying to give you no hope of escaping. And speaking of that, how did you get away” he asked me.
“I’ll tell you later, but long story short, these guards are not the best at their jobs. I mean, I got to the front gate without anyone knowing I even left my cell.”
“Sounds to me like these guards aren't use to someone that has done all this before. You can tell me the rest in the jeep, but for now let's get outta this place.”

“Well done, I mean, you could have done better or gotten out quicker but hey, we are both still alive” he said when I was done talking to him about the escape.
“To bad we don’t have anything to show from it. I mean, not even the smallest of coins or anything that could show what we attempted. Treasure wise anyway.”
“Well we still have billions of dollars worth of stuff because of this kind of thing. I think that we don’t need to keep doing this and risking it all just for a little more, you know.”
“Yeah, I get it, we wouldn’t want to have all this money get taken away just because we wanted a little more. Like those game shows where they can either take the money offered, or keep going for more, but if they lose, they lose it all.”
“Yep, so we are agreed, no more heists that could kill us?”
“Agreed”, and that was that. No more running around trying to get “just a little more”. We were done.

The author's comments:

I am in eighth grade in Ionia Middle School. I first learned to write in first grade when my teacher would tell me to write about something that happened that day. My teachers still do this, but I can now think of something to write about on my own because of help from them.

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