The Peponi

March 6, 2017
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He carried his father’s limp corpse up the beach towards the tree line. All it took was one shot. One moment of agony, and he’d never have the chance to hear his father’s voice again.
There wasn’t a lot of blood, but he had never seen anyone die let alone his own father. Whilst attempting to walk up a hill that felt like it was trying to suck him into the earth, which made his father’s body heavier than it already was.
He thought to himself,What am I going to do without him?
Step by step, he eventually made it to the treeline. He dropped the carcass to the ground, and threw up on the sand, but it was basically just the only fluids keeping him alive disappearing. Then he cried for a couple of minutes. They were deep heavy sobs. Ones that blanketed the sand with droplets of water that burrowed small holes in the sand.
After the release he picked up his head, and realized where he was. The fact of the matter was, he had no idea where he was. The only things he could see for miles was either ocean or forest.
Finally, he had a very unusual feeling, something he had never felt before. He felt oddly safe. Back home, him and his family were very important, very wealthy. His family had more security than the president. Yet, he still felt safer here with his father’s rotting corpse in front of him, than he had his whole life.

I can’t let my father’s sacrifice be for nothing, he utters to himself. 

For this reason, he didn’t allow himself to walk away from his father’s body. After a moment, he realized his only chance was to. Even though he wanted to give his father a proper burial there was no way, he was alone on an isolated island. Well, he thought he was alone.

“I’m back.”
“Got anything?” he asked as he pulled out a small bird.
“Not much but it’ll do,” he responds with some happiness and some sadness.

He had been waiting for a meal that weighed more than half a pound since the day he got there 4 weeks ago. Even though this had been his first successful hunt in about 2 weeks. He was still a little proud. Even though his partner had been triumphant since the day they met. Barry had met Anthony about 2 weeks after he had arrived on the island. They had become great friends, some would even say brothers. The bird was skinned, cooked and eaten within an hour. But, it was not enough to fill them up. Together, they decided to go out on a hunt. Within 20 minutes of starting their hunt, they heard some rustling. To the left, they saw a deer parade around a tree. Anthony aimed the bow, pulled back the string and before he had the chance to let go. He heard a treacherous sound, looking into the sky he could see a plane plummeting towards the earth.

“Anyone?” Barry called.
No answer came for about 10 minutes of searching but finally, they heard a scream, more like a wail. Barry and Anthony had made it to the crashed pilot within seconds.
The pilot had no chance of making it, the obviousness of it was strange. He had blood all over his face his leg was out of socket, his shirt was camouflaged with blood, and to add on to all that he had many gashes running down and across his face. Barry knew no matter what they did he had no chance. It was like his father he thought. There was no way to treat a bullet wound to the head.
“I’ll go get some supplies to treat him,” Barry announces.
  As soon as he turns around, A luminous man hits him with the butt of a machine gun.

Barry wakes up to the splash of water on his partner’s face. And then his, He looks up and discovers he is in a canopied structure with more guns pointed at him than he could count. Before, his noticing of the weapons he had already made a plan on how to take over the men who took them. He was going to take on the leader and have him locked in a position to which the opposers would have to drop their weapons and give them the free passage out. But, he decided not to. His nervousness was at it’s peak level. He knew at any moment the commander could nod to any one of the hired guns and they would be dead. But, he didn't. The commander had some sort of look on his face. A face of horror.  The kind of face that your kids would get nightmares from.

“What do you want from us?” Barry questioned.

“We want the location of the peponi,” the leader demanded.

“What’s a peponi?” Barry asked confused.

“No need to know, have you discovered any place that looks like this?” he asked.
As the leader shows the picture, it is showing the exact place where
Barry had met Anthony.

“Never seen that place in my life,” Barry responded.

“The good thing about my family, we are all liars. You think I can’t tell you are lying? WHERE IS IT?”
As he says this line he strikes Barry with a fist so hard, he could do nothing but fall and lie on the ground.           

“He told you, he doesn’t know where it is” Anthony responds.

“Fine. I’ll deal with you two later,” the commander says and then walks out of the tent.

The two are then carried to a different tent where they were told to sleep. It was the middle of the night, and they were both exhausted, but Barry noticed something  out of one of the cracks in the tent. It was a huge machine, all green with a lot of buttons on the side facing them. It had what looked like missiles attached to the top of it. He called Anthony over to take a look, because Anthony had some military training, and as soon as he got over there he said
“That’s a E.G. M-72.”
“A huh?”
That’s the type of thing that scares a country out of a war. That could start a war and end it within 20 minutes. The blast radius is 200 square miles, it’s practically a nuke launcher but, the nukes are as common as bullets. That could start a war with anybody in the world.”

“Do you think that was the thing that brought down the plane?” Barry inquired.

“Possible, but unlikely. It takes incredible skill to hit a target that small, with that big of machinery.”

They started to talk about other things but they ended up dozing off before they could find out what they would need something like that for.

In the morning they were woken up to some nice meals and a chat with some of the other soldiers. They had wondered why they were being treated with such respect and care. Just yesterday they had been punched knocked out and had water splashed on them by some of these very men.

After they both had some very tasty breakfast they were asked where the location of the place in the picture was, the commander promised to let them stay and become hunters if they told. Neither of them could get it out of their mouth fast enough. They were given a very nice thank you in the form of 2 loaves of bread. As they were about to leave his tent, Barry stopped to ask what the big machine gun thing was for. They were given the answer of that’s classified. But they didn’t care about any of that. They were safe, and that’s all that mattered to them.

Barry and Anthony had been on a hunt for many hours. They had to come back with something, they had come back empty handed too many times. If they did again, they would be mocked even more than they were now. It didn’t affect them at all, but they wanted to contribute in some way. 2 hours after that they decided to go back to camp. When they walked in it didn’t matter if they hadn’t been successful they were still safe. There schedule was very weird. They started with 4 hours to hunt. And then breakfast, then they had a free period or workout period. After than was lunch then combat training which went for 3 hours. And then it was their choice for the rest of the day. Today went by like any other day, they went hunting, came back empty handed did everything on the to-do list. But tonight was different. That night when they had went to sleep everything was ok. But, they were awoken in the middle of the night to shouts.

“What the heck was that??” Barry asked as he ran out of the tent with his partner still sound asleep.

As he ran out of the tent he noticed there were two people arming the cannon or big machine gun thing. He wondered why they were doing such a thing but he just shrugged off the wonder. He ran to the commander’s tent and asked what was going on. He was told today was the day the americans payed for what they did.

“What did we do to you?”
“Everything,” was the response he received.

Barry rushed into his tent and woke up Anthony, he didn’t believe him at first but then he saw the people arming the MG, and he rushed over and clobbered them both to the ground. While attempting to disarm the missile he was overtaken by three men. And Barry was asked to surrender but he didn’t. He took down four guards before they took him down. They were awoken by a punch to their abdominals. They both winced in pain. They had bags over their heads and couldn’t see a thing going on. When the bags were removed they were standing in front of the MG.

“You have disobeyed my orders. You do not have the right to do that.” Commander kneels right in front of Barry, and asks “Are you going to stand by my side if i take off those cuffs? The response he got was Barry spitting into his eye.

“Ok, then. Fire.”

Just like that the missile was off. It was sent barreling into the air.


Barry used everything he had and jumped up from his kneeling position and knocked the commander to the ground. It was a struggle to get back up for both of them, but mostly the commander. When Barry was able to get up. He was met with the butt of a gun to his face. He didn’t surrender yet. He grabbed the barrel of the weapon yanked it from the man’s hand and dove to get away from the bullets. He dove into Anthony, and pushed him behind a crate. The men were closing in on them, they could feel it. But, neither of them gave up. Barry took the gun and pointed it at his partner’s cuffs and pulled the trigger, it didn’t work. He had to find the guard with the keys. He poked out his head from the side and was immediately met with gunfire. He wasn’t able to even get a glance of the guards. So he figured he had only one option. Open fire. He pulled the gun from the ground pointed it above the crate aimed it at the middle of the crew, and held the trigger down until it was out of ammo. He poked his head out only to find he had only taken out 4 guys, and there were still at least fifteen to go. A couple were injured, but not enough to make a difference. This time he was able to get a look at everything because of the commotion. And, he realized he has taken down the commander, he was down but not out.

“Put the guns down, or I’ll end his life,” Barry said as he pointed the gun at the commander.
It was a long shot because he had no ammo, but it was worth a shot. The men were somewhat obedient. Some put down their guns, other’s didn’t. If they hadn’t he would have shot. No, doubt. He told himself. If they don’t obey you will kill this man. But, thankfully they did. His mind raced back to finding the keys. He looked at the bodies, the only one with the keys were the commander.

“Slide your weapons towards us.” Barry commanded
Just as last time, some obeyed, some did not. And now, they were even. Two  guys with guns versus about five guys with guns and eight imbeciles. After they did this Anthony grabbed a gun and pointed it at the men with guns, as Barry made his way over towards the commander. Upon, arrival Barry made quick work of the looting, the commander was slowly bleeding away so there was nothing he could do. He just allowed Barry to pillage through his body. When he finally found the keys, he was very relieved to have the ability to move his hands. He tossed the keys over to Anthony and he did the same. They next wondered what to do about all of the men sitting there pointing guns at them. They asked them once again to put down there guns, they listened this time. And they went and argued about what to do with them. They decided to shoot them all in the leg so they couldn’t stop them. Next they realized they had spent so much time on the guards they had forgotten about the MG. They rushed over to the machine and looked at the control panel, it was still going straight up. The control panel had a caer option which would have dropped the bomb right on the island.

“Caer means drop.” Anthony said. “I studied african languages when I was stationed there.”

They didn’t even consider it, they looked for any other way to disarm it or anything, they found nothing. The only way to disarm it was to sacrifice themselves. Barry and Anthony couldn’t do it. They couldn’t do it to themselves.

“Whats wrong buddy?” Barry asked.

But, his partner didn’t have time to get another word out. He had been shot in the heart.

“NO!” Barry wailed in anguish.

He looked over to the commander who had the pistol in his hand, He said one last word, but he was too far away for Barry to hear. He didn’t care. He never wanted to see that man ever again. All of these men were monsters. He had to sacrifice himself he thought, It’s my life or millions of lives in America. He didn’t want to press the button but he got up, walked over to the control panel, and clicked the button. He could see the tracker in the missile. He could see the picture of it, it was plummeting towards the sky. Faster than anything he’d ever seen before. He didn’t want to say anything else. He couldn’t utter a word. He just stood there. Looking at his partner’s body. He realized he’s a hero now. He sacrificed himself for the greater good of America. He had a lot to think about in this short period of time. He realized, there were many people and things he had not thought about. His mother, His sister, his Fiance. He didn’t want to die, he hadn’t considered these people before making the decision. The only thing he had thought about was himself and he let anger get the best of him. He started searching the control panel for a switch to deactivate the bomb, so it would safely land on the surface. He looked up and couldn’t see the bomb yet. There were too many buttons and they were in a different language. He had no way to find out what they meant, only anthony knew that. He had given up on his attempts to live. He had no way of surviving. He forced himself to look up and realized the bomb was in view. He did the only thing he could think of, he picked up a dead body and dropped it on himself and layed there, it was his only idea. And his last.

“He was a great friend to all of us. He had his fair share of party time, but he will still always have a place in our hearts.”

“Barry was the best man I ever knew. He always knew how to put a smile on my face. He was much more than just my Fiance. He was my best friend, and my soulmate. The most important person in the world to me. I loved him more than life itself.”

“My son was much more than a party boy. Most people didn’t like him at times. But that was okay because Barry always knew how to make us happy. He always put a smile on my face. No matter the circumstances. I loved him.”

Here lies Barry Smith, a loving brother and soon to be husband. His sister visited the tombstone once a week, for 4 years after she got her license. She never stopped bringing flowers. She would always go their and talk about what had happened that week. Sometimes it was just about a boy she liked named Roy, other times it was about serious stuff like getting into arguments with mom. Or how she did really bad on a school test, but one thing was for sure, She always left with a smile.

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