Deserted Island

March 6, 2017
By robercoo BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
robercoo BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
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My head blinked in and out of consciousness. My leg aching with pain, fastened under a plane wing. Dehydrated and malnourished, I sat up in confusion.
Where am I? How did I get here?
Then it came back to me. All the startling sights of my parents subsiding in the air. My sister following. My eyes started to water up. I stopped my devilish thoughts.
Stop thinking about that, you need to find a way out from under this wing.
Next, I heaved with all my might. Not a budge.
Ouch. That hurt.
I need to move this, it will get dark soon.
Then, I saw it. Two red eyes in the bushes staring into my soul like a blade going through your chest. The diabolical teeth appeared next, gleaming in the setting sunlight.  Then I heard it howl. This screech through the night sent shivers down my spine. No normal animal makes this sound. 
What can this be? 
It started to sneak closer to me, like a cheetah stalking a gazelle. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw more red, glaring eyes. Growling, and growling. All I heard was growling. Suddenly…they spin around and flee.
Why did they run away?
I overheard something behind me. This beast of an animal made a roar. Yet, it was not a normal roar. This roar was comparable to no other sound. I whip my head around like a withered leaf blown from the tree. This animal was at least eight feet tall. I realized moving this wing was life or death.
This moment right now determines my fate.
I panic. People always say, when you get faced with a life or death situation, you get super strength. This was my super strength time. I pushed, and pushed, and pushed. I felt it budge. The pain shocking my leg was excruciating.
Just… a little… more…
It boosted up just enough for my leg to move out of the way.
While recollecting my thoughts, I remembered the huge monstrosity in the background, observing my every move.
What is this thing?
The beast looked at me like I was an ant. A worthless, puny ant.
What do I do? Do I run, stay still, play dead?
I selected to play dead, and... it worked!Seeing no interest in me, it turned around, and left.

Well, that was easy.
The recollection kicked in. I was all alone on a deserted island, with no food or water.
Why me?
I needed to find a shelter, with food and water. Without these necessities, I would not survive much longer. I look up, and there is a fruit in the tree above me.
Well, that was easy. Now, is this food, or water?
Finally, the rock I launched up knocked it loose. I picked it up, and broke it open with the same rock I threw. Liquid poured out of the bottom.
Yes! Finally a drink!
As it traveled down my throat, I was relieved. The feeling was sensational. All of the smooth, moist liquid sinking into my stomach.
That is awesome! Now I need a food source.
To do so, I scavenge around my area, looking for a crop, or berry of some sort. All at once, I see a fruit. This fruit would look like a normal blueberry, but… it was yellow.
What made this yellow? Is it the air?
I took a bite off the end.
This tastes… delicious!! Food source down! If only someone was here with me to taste this as well…
However, I couldn’t focus on the negative. Being alone was very bad, but I had to be strong. I needed to get a shelter.
This will be easy, right? There are trees everywhere! I can just put a few logs around, and I will be good to go!
I had gotten roughly 35 logs to start a base.
Outstanding! Now to put them together.
I had built a small hut with the logs.
Awesome. Shelter down. I need to take inventory now.
When I search for my water, I realized I had two gallons of water. A human body needs somewhere around half of a gallon per day.
Shoot. I only have enough water for four days here.
I implored myself to come up with a way to get off of this island.
I need to come up with a solution!The same night I had to create a plan for the next day. Without a plan, I would become dehydrated, not be able to move, and die. Suddenly, I had it. I had the perfect idea.

I need to create a signal fire! Then, ships may see it, and they will pick me up!
I decided to commence my idea at the crack of dawn…
...the sun rose up, and I determined it was time to create my fire. I had the necessary amount of logs to create it for four hours. The perfect amount of time for ships to see it and come to my rescue.
This is going to be the best feeling ever! Being able to see other people, not having to worry about what is behind me every second of the day… I can't wait!
Roughly our hours later, I was sitting at the beach, wailing out to the sea, waiting for a ship to come over the horizon.
Ugh, why isn't this working! I thought it would work so well! Now the logs are going to burn out, and I will still be stranded. Alone.
Although I was out of ideas, I wasn't going to give up. I was not going to accept losing. I needed to think of another idea to get rescued.
Wait. What is that thing in the water? It looks like body…gross.
After walking down to the beach to observe my sightings, I realized it was a body. Yet, this body wasn't normal looking. It had… resources on it. Weapons. A rusty sword, a gun, a flare gun, bullets.
I can use this! If I shoot these rounds from the flare gun, either a plane or a boat can see it! This is perfect.
The next morning, I judged it was time. It was just becoming light out. The perfect time for a flare to be seen.
This flare is heavy… wow. How do I load this thing?
Suddenly, looking over the horizon, I see my chance for rescuing. A ship. My one chance I had.
I lift the gun up. Stare down the sights like my life depended on it -(which it did). Beads of sweat dripping on my forehead. My finger reaches for the trigger to shoot the flare out into the air. Kapow. The gun releases the flare into the sky, shining bright, like my hope. 1 hour later, the ship I saw earlier, was gone. My chance. Gone. Hope? Still there, but evanescent. I needed rest, otherwise I would pass out on the beach right where I stood. While I was laying down, I thought of ideas. Ideas on how to get off of this unpleasant island. Abruptly, a third, and final plan came to me.
This is your last day with water. You need to build something huge. Something so huge that a plane will see it without any other thoughts. I need to build an SOS signal. The onlyplentiful resource on the beach would be rocks, so that is what I will make it out of. Tomorrow morning I will build this until someone rescues me.

The next morning I set foot on my strategy. I collected roughly 100 rocks and started my sign, but I realized I would need more than the amount on the beach near me. Either I had to travel further down the beach, or go out into the water, and collect rocks there.
If I go into the water, there are a lot more rocks there, and it will be closer, so more efficient. If I go down the beach though, it will be safer. There are no sharks on the beach.
In the end, I chose to go into the water to get the rest of the rocks I needed. With the 100 rocks I got earlier, I made the first S and a quarter of the O.
If it takes, let's say 75 to do an S, and 25 to do a quarter of the O, then I need 75 more for the O to be completed, and 75 more than that to get the second S completed. That is 125 more rocks, and they will be out of the water, so that is going to be difficult, but I know I can do it.
Out of the water I got about 75 rocks, so that finished the O for me. Now I needed to go down the beach and get more rocks to finish the second S.
Great. So it didn’t matter whether I went into the water first or not. I was always going to have to go down the beach.
While collecting rocks down the beach about ½ a mile, I saw that monster again. It still was ginormous compared to me. Roughly eight feet tall, two feet wide. This was one large… thing.
I remember the last time I saw this thing all I had to do was lay dead, so I’ll try it again.
After laying down for about thirty seconds playing dead, I felt the ground shake. It was right next to me. My ears picked up this peculiar sound, along with the feeling of dampness on my leg
Amazing. It is sniffing me. It can’t just let me collect rocks. It has to sniff me.
After a few minutes of it walking around me, it got bored, and walked off into the jungle, pretending I wasn’t there.
Finally. Now I can go back to gathering rocks for my SOS.
80 rocks later, I finished my SOS signal. It was larger than I imagined. Somewhere around twenty-five  of my laying down could fit in the O comfortably.
Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. I’d say a plane could see this! Maybe even astronauts could see this from the moon! At last, I get to rest after lugging those heavy rocks around all day.
The next morning I wake up forgetting what I did the previous night! Then, I sat up. My arms were super sore from picking up the rocks.
Ugh. At least I got all the rocks where I wanted them yesterday. Otherwise, It would take me double the time for half the amount of rocks!I decided to walk down to the beach to check on my sign. You never know. Maybe someone could be waiting for me, to rescue me.

Abruptly, I heard a whirring. It was present, but muffled.
Is this due to me have no water? Am I hallucinating? Is this the feeling of going crazy? Hearing odd noises randomly?
It burst out of the clouds as if it was an eagle through the mist.
No way! A plane! It may see my SOS signal. I could be saved!
Waving my hands, screaming into the sky, jumping up and down. I was doing everything in my power for them to see me on this island.
They started turning. It was an odd place to turn, but they were turning.
What? No! Please come back! Please!
A little while later, I saw the plane again. It was turning to circle the island and pick me up! I was being rescued finally!
Wow. I will go home.
The plane picked me up, but it was hard to understand them, due to them speaking some other language I could barely understand.
“¿Quién eres tú y qué haces aquí?” the pilot asked.
I could tell it was Spanish, because I was taking it in school at the time. It was saying “Who are you, and what are you doing here?” Luckily, I could answer. After some difficult conversations, I got them to agree to take me to an airport.
“Dad, I’m hungry!” Kyle shouted.
Kyle was my son. After two years off of the island, I met my wife, and we had him.
“Hi Hungry, I’m Dad!” I said.
After the plane crash, I had always been grateful for what I had. Whether I had a warm abode, or I was out living on the curb. I was always grateful, because I always remembered that I could have what I had on the island. Absolutely nothing.

The author's comments:

I was inspried to write this piece due to my imagination during the process of brainstrorming. In the thoughts of my story, I thought of a plane crash story we had recently learned in History class. I go to Ionia Middle School. I am an 8th grader. I am 13 years old. My first time writing would have to be around 1st grade when we were just starting to write sentences about our family and pets. I wrote a plane crash survival story. The small idea that I was working on was just a grabber, but it turned out to be a good short story starter, so I used it. The bigger picture behind the story was that my character would grow as a person through the attempts that he had to take to get rescued. I am most proud of the starting of my story. I believe I have improved on finishing ideas I come up with, instead of getting half way, and stopping. My next story would be about survival, because I like writing survival stories.

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