March 6, 2017
By Pleasant BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
Pleasant BRONZE, Ionia, Michigan
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Where am I? Why am I here?All I could remember was brealynns party last night. I was lying in an old faded barn, and for some reason I was handcuffed to a cold silver pole sitting here with a twiggy  blanket under me and I was half naked. I didn't know what was going on, all I knew was that I wasn't supposed to be here.
I was honestly terrified I just wanted to be at home or anywhere but here. Suddenly I glared upon a tall shadow standing at the door, all I could think of  was who was it.  I didn't realize who it was at first. Then the shadow came into the light and I immediately recognized the perpetrator as my father's boss.I don't know him very well,but I remember one time when I was small that he visited for dinner.Millions of questions flooded my mind.
Why was I here? What does he need me for?
Maybe I'm fine. Maybe  I'm not.
I don't know why I was so worried. He was afterall a person my family trusted and had to dinner. I doubted that anything terrible would happen so I decided to ask.
“Hi, Mr.Jobs. Can you tell me why am I here? Is it one of your pro” …
”Would you please stop talking Bay!”Mr.Jobs said  ineruptingly.
He started walking away from me with his back turned. I was so confused by this lack of information. I wondered if  maybe my father was just perturbed.
“M-Mr.Jobs,” I said stutteringly.
He was gone. HIs absence still made me kind of worried, but I knew I shouldn't be, My friends do always say I’m uptight. That I worry about unnecessary things, but that is not the case her. It WAS necessary to worry.

     It has been two days. I've had two meals each day and one water bottle. My meals looked like leftovers and I got very small amounts making my belly rumbled in discomfort .I haven't seen my dad not even for a second. I thought by now I could since there was no one around watching over me. So I thought I should probably call him while I had the chance. So I dialed in my father's number, I pushed the number 616-665-1234 into the screen of the phone. It worked at first. But then,not long after I realized we had been disconnected.
     I felt as if I had no other choice but to push the code in,911...At this time the cops were on there way but it wasn't  an emergency at least I hope so they might not get here for a while.I didn't want to be here it's really weird I haven't seen my dad and he hasn't answered his phone. At this time I knew I needed to try something else I couldn't sit here waiting any longer.
    I don't know how to get out all I had was a lighter that I took from Emmitt, five dollars and a nickel,my phone,and chapstick cherry scented. I didn't know how  any of this would help I told the cops it's not an predicament so they could take hours. I needed to get out NOW!
     I started feeling around for something,anything that could help and then my hand got tangled in a ring attached to the wall so I pulled it I didn't expect anything to happen but it was like a trap doors like seen on movies and it led me to a old farm cellar and inside was a truck I didn't have a license but I had to get out I could practically die where I was.
      I started driving off ,a black car started following me and I soon realized it was  Mr.Jobs. I sped up but it didn't help he sped up to. I was so scared that I would crash but I had to leave. Suddenly I seen a cop car drive by and I started screaming  the cops arrested him and thanked me for finding him,I wasn't sure why at first but I soon realised, It turns out i'm not his first kidnap and he Kidnapped,  only from employees and only hires to men with children, in exchange for cash.the cop let me sit in the front and drove me home to my father I was so happy to see him and he came home from work to share the good news at dinner that he  got promoted to boss. Mr.Jobs was going to be in jail for a long time.
     From this experience I learned not to be going out past my curfew and to obey your parents rules they are only doing there job as a parent and you might hate the rules or,getting grounded don't ever say something like I hate you or I wish you weren't my mom or dad or perhaps, that's the last words you may ever say to them. they are not supposed to be your best friend, but to teach you to be a great,mature,respectful adult and maybe parent.

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About the Author

     My inspiration to start writing this story was my parents but mostly my mom, Stacy my dad was also a great influence on the story,Travis. my mom always gives me lectures of how to be more mature and to teach me to become an adult. When my mom was a kid she almost got kidnapped and that was my inspiration even though my kidnapping story was really different.
      The title dissipated comes from a synonym of the word gone, which was my original title but I wanted a unique title one I have never heard of.
     I am most proud of the ending I think it turned out good, which was also inspired from my parents. I really love and appreciate my parents and I couldn't ask for any different even though I don't always show it and sometimes we fight we have been through alot and have worked hard to be together as a whole and keep it that way even though we don't always see eye to eye we always come back together and work through it as hard as we can and we have worked hard to be where we are today.
     If i wrote another story it would be about my life, an important event in my life and which I WILL write someday.

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