The Monster

March 4, 2017
By ahsanbhatti BRONZE, Islamabad, Other
ahsanbhatti BRONZE, Islamabad, Other
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The Monster was clawing away at him, destroying and reducing him. He begged for mercy, but his cries fell on deaf ears. The monster advanced, and threatened to break him into pieces. He desperately flung out at an invisible enemy, but there was nothing to attack. For the Monster was inside him, as it is in all of us. He tried to fight it, tried to push it back. But this fight could not be won with fists. He could not subdue it. Finally, he realised what he had to do. He stopped trying to overcome his difficulty, stopped struggling against the Monster which was Life. Instead, he embraced it. He embraced his trials, his labours, and faced them with absolute knowledge that he would indeed triumph. And thus, the Monster inside him was vanquished.

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