March 3, 2017
By Grizz-Grogul BRONZE, Overland Park, Kansas
Grizz-Grogul BRONZE, Overland Park, Kansas
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This day started out the same as any for Supreme Emperor Trump. He woke up, put on his sparkly crown, consistent of the world's largest jewels and forged from Chinese gold and cooled in the tears of orphans. After he slipped on his fluffy bunny slippers he walked down the hall to the elevator. He clicked on floor Six, the White Tower’s closet floor. He entered the extravagant closet a robotic voice says to him, “How are you today Sir”, Donald responded, “I feel YUUUUGE”. There was a brief silence as the computer processed his answer and selected the perfect outfit for him that day. Donald was presented with a suit with a large red tie, and a “Make America Great Again Hat”. Donald cracked a smile as he thought back to the simpler days before he discarded the hat and continued on with his day.
While the elevator took him up to the Holodeck he recounted his past decisions. He remembered the day of his inauguration as the President of the United States, that's where it all started. After he tested the water with Executive Orders he decided to take the power into his own hands. By 2018 he had rewritten the constitution to contain only one branch of government, promptly named the Trump Branch. After the public backlash of the Great Wall of Trump, it was decided that a wall would not be necessary if Mexico was no longer a different country. After the Second Mexican War America’s Borders had spread as far south as Argentina. After the heavy “collateral damage” from the war Canada decided that it was not even worth it. Now the Trump had control of the America’s he began to plot for his overhaul of the world.
DING!  Donald stepped out of the elevator and walked out on the Holodeck. While he gazed across the endless sphere of digital data he was joined by Cyborg Mike Pence. Mike had lost 46% of his living tissue when he was ‘accidentally’ left inside of the White House when it was demolished to build the White Tower. “Greetings Emperor Trump, what are we gonna do today boss”, “The same thing we do everyday Pence, TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!” They looked upon the map to see the remaining strongholds of the Donkey Scum. In the center of the holodeck sat a three dimensional hologram of the Earth. North and South America were completely red, along with most of Europe, Australia, and all of Russia.
Trump reminisced about his greatest accomplishment, it was 2019 and the rebellion against him was put down after he publicly assassinated Bernie Sander with his iconic “You’re fired” and the indistinguishable sound of his golden revolver. After this debacle had been handled Trump set his eyes to Russia. He saw that Russia had grown week after Putin’s bear splicing had gone horribly wrong leaving half of Russia, including him, into man-bear abominations, now was the time to strike. As with everything Donald does he sent off his olive branch letter with a simple remark, “Vladimir Putin, you’re fired”. After the customary waiting period of two days Trump let loose nuclear war on the Motherland. Fortunately, the nuclear operators were morphed into bear-men hybrids and were unable to respond to Trump’s bold move. Within mere months the Hot War had ended and Trump now controlled Russia and all of the EU.
“Sir, sir, SIR”, Donald shook back into reality as Robo-Pence shouted at him. “Sorry Mike, I forgot about you”, Pence seemed used to this response, “Worry not sir I only wished to inform you that Hillary Clinton is requesting retrial, she seems to think that death by volcano sacrifice is Cruel and Unusual punishment and under the Bill of….” he trailed off as he sees Trump lighting the Bill of Rights ablaze, “sorry Mike what were you saying”. Donald watched the ancient document be engulfed by flames, he couldn’t help but think of the burning rice fields of China.
After Trump had gained control of Russia he used its border with China to its full extent. China had been one of Trump’s biggest enemies. After Trump had declared war on Mexico, China saw it fit that they begin a new age of imperialism. Until this point in time almost all of Asia had been captured by China’s communist reigns, and Trump was here to liberate it. After mobilizing his troops in Russia the siege of China had begun. As the fire burned out Trump looked at the pile of ashes that had once meant so much, but now was only dust under his YUUUGE boot. He looked at the remaining blue and yellow sections of the globe, it was the election all over again.
“New Zealand is still remaining neutral sir”, Donald sneered, “Mike I need New Zealand, Baron loves Lord of the Rings and if i don’t own that little Hobbit town he will be so mad, now that’s a bad hombre.”
Life as the Supreme Emperor had weighed on Donald, his burden was too bigly for a regular man. Fortunately for Donald his IQ is soooooooo big that people don’t even understand. As Donald pondered his recent decisions Paul Ryan burst into the Holodeck. He ran towards Donald, “SUPREME EMPEROR TRUMP, he’s here, it’s Jeb…..”.

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Ayy lmao said...
on Mar. 22 2017 at 7:21 pm
Ayy lmao what a high energy story my friend

on Mar. 22 2017 at 4:48 pm
Reminds me of the good ole days of Deutschland.

Arispotle said...
on Mar. 22 2017 at 2:26 pm
All hail Emperor Trump


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